2018: The Year of New, Sparkly Content

Content ideas to keep your social media pages fresh for the new year

By: Sam Koontz, Content Editor

Now that the holidays and New Year’s have come and gone, what we’re left with, aside from stubborn confetti that refuses to stay in 2017, is the shiny promise of a clean slate in the months ahead. January is the time of year that we all vow to improve ourselves in one way or another — that same optimism can be applied to your small business’ social media content.

2017 was a huge year for social media activity, rounding out at 2 billion users on Facebook, 700 million on Instagram, and 328 million on Twitter. These numbers will grow even more in the new year as mobile device usage continues to gain traction. For that reason, it’s increasingly important to have some fun, new content ideas in your toolbox for the next month.

Check out these 4 strategies you can utilize to make your social media pages stand out in 2018:

1. Seasonal Spirit

Every year, 40% of the population commits to making a New Year’s resolution. Among the top five most popular resolutions for last year were self-improvement and trying something new and exciting. Keep your pages topical by using this hopeful spirit to drive your content! Your customers will appreciate that your content is relating to their goals.

Gyms or studios like this one lend themselves perfectly to New Year’s-related content:

“Meet your New Year’s resolution accountability team.”

Here’s an example of a seasonal direction to take if your small business involves outdoor activities:

“Resolve to be adventurous this year.”

2. Ongoing Specials

Let your customer base know that your ongoing specials are sticking around in the new year! Whether you offer an afternoon happy hour every Sunday, host trivia on Wednesdays, or offer student discounts year-round, now’s as good a time as ever to remind your fans that they can count on you when they want to fall back on their favorite routines.

If you own a bar or a brewing company, you might advertise your ongoing specials like this:

“New year, same Wednesday night plans.”

3. Product Highlight

Your products and services are the backbone of your small business, and they’re a huge part of what keeps your loyal followers coming back. This year, make it a point to pepper in content that shows off your product. Amidst your other posts, this will ensure that your audience never forgets what you’re all about.

Here’s an example of a great post from a local boutique:

“Every journey begins with a single step. Start 2018 on the right foot — with the right shoes.”

4. Upcoming Events

If your small business plays host to different events throughout the year, now would be a great opportunity to foster a more meaningful relationship with your customers. Posting content about your event in the weeks prior increases awareness and will drum up support from the fans who are eager to be a part of what you do.

If you have an upcoming event, a graphic is a quick and easy way to share information with your audience! Here’s an example:

“The future is bright this year.”

2018 offers endless possibilities for your social media pages. Take advantage of some of these tips, and this could be your best year of content yet!

Sam Koontz is one of Main Street Hub’s Content Editors. On our Content Team, Sam helps our Community Managers develop and improve their writing skills to provide the best possible content for our local business customers all over the country.

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