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Don’t Search for New Customers….Make Them!

“We made 100 cold calls this week, had twelve really good face-to-face appointments, and still we closed no new business. What are we doing wrong?”

Sound familiar? Recently, I was given the opportunity to participate in a fascinating sales training event. What I found most interesting were the frustrations, and the perceptions, of the sales professionals involved.

Listening to these people was kind of like watching someone run up the down escalator. You know they may get were they’re going, but what a waste of energy!

For example, consider how these people are being told to deal with the current economy:

– Since business is slow, these reps are under intense pressure to compensate for declining sales by making more cold calls.
– Targeted prospects, who are sick of the near constant onslaught of sales reps, are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional sales tactics.
– High volume accounts are using just a fraction of the services they did two years ago, yet many of these reps are focusing on selling to the major accounts.

Pretty easy to see why sales people feel frustrated. They’re using transactional selling techniques (cold calling and order taking) in a market that isn’t buying. And rather than changing their techniques to deal with market conditions, they’re being told to simply do more. These poor people are fighting an uphill battle and relying on outdated tools.


Educational Selling “How To”

In today’s market, educational selling can play a big role in growing sales. With small companies, you can use education as a means to sell value. In your sales process, show people how you can help them to control costs, improve productivity, manage risk, and get more work done.

With larger companies, educational selling may be a bit more challenging. First, you have to find out what kinds of people-related challenges the business is having. Next, you have to determine if (and how) you could solve these challenges. And finally, you have to convince a fairly savvy consumer that you can really solve the problem…and that the solution justifies the price. While it may not be an easy sale, educational selling may be the only way to get beyond the pricing game with larger accounts.

Here are the steps to successfully employing Educational Selling:

Step 1: Define the kinds of problems you & your business can solve.

Step 2: Identify businesses likely to be having those kinds of problems right now.

Step 3: Create an educational curriculum.

Break your educational message into a series of small pieces.
Be sure to repeat key learning points often.

Step 4: Deliver your curriculum.

Get your message to your prospects (and even your clients) through the most cost-effective methods. Consider using a series of direct mail, e-mail, drop-offs, seminars, or a mix of all these techniques.

Step 5: Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

Integrate your education with your sales efforts.
Don’t just sell, focus on helping clients and prospects to understand how your services can help their business to be more profitable.

Making It Work

Before sending your educational curriculum to the outside world, share the information inside your company. Teach reps about the value of your services. Provide them with a list of the kinds of questions they can ask to uncover problems and offer formal training on selling to executives.

To maximize the effectiveness of your sales and service staff, hold regular coaching sessions to review specific client challenges and brainstorm staffing solutions. Through this process, everyone will come to better understand the value your services can offer and how to sell that value to their clients.

More Training
Effective training is not a one-time event. Make training a process you regularly repeat.

Purchase your Content Curriculum
Educational content sounds like a great idea, but it’s hard to create. Most people don’t have the time to develop this kind of curriculum in-house. Find an outside vendor who knows your industry and can help you create the right content to sell the value of your services.

Think Cost-Effective
Find ways to reach the most people with the greatest impact for the lowest cost. Often, a mix of media is most effective (e.g., direct mail, e-mail, in person).

Be Persistent
Educational selling is not a quick fix. It takes time to get people to recognize and admit to their problems, understand the value you can deliver, and develop enough trust in you to test out the solutions you recommend. Stick to the process, and over time, people will come to see you as an expert, a problem solver, and someone to whom they want to give their business.

Need help getting your educational selling program off the ground?  Give BARQAR a call today and we can help you with the delivery of some high-quality educational selling tools!



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How To Request Removal of Defamatory Search Results from Google

The following form allows you to submit a takedown demand to Google for defamatory, or other offensive webpages that appear in Google search results. Unfortunately, it has been our experience in most cases the Google will deny such requests, but it does not cost anything except time so it is worth giving it a try: […]
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Reputation Resolutions Awarded “A” Rating with the BBB

We are pleased to announce that because of our outstanding record of quality customer service, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Reputation Resolutions an “A” rating. We have been honored to assist hundreds of clients completely remove negative links and restore their reputations online over the last 15 months. Reputation Resolutions is among a select […]

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Five steps you need to take BEFORE you respond to an unhappy customer [infographic]

I like this infographic from digital giants because it outlines the important steps you need to take before your even reply to a negative tweet, Facebook complaint, or poor review.

What steps would you add?


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Facebook Launches New Places Directory

Facebook has launched a new directory that allows users to search through businesses and destinations in cities across the world. Facebook uses your friends’ check-ins and what’s happening in a specific location to help you discover the best places in town.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 6.00.40 PM

Once you identify a specific city using Facebook Places, you will be taken to the main directory page where you are able to see popular places and the option to browse a list of cities from all over the world.

Facebook Places also allows you to browse through businesses and places by category (i.e. Restaurants, Hotels, or Bars). Each main category displays five businesses with average ratings. A sliding feature for each business shows recent reviews that you can easily browse through (with your friends’ reviews at the top).

The new Facebook Places directory received major visual improvements compared to the previous version. The new version also puts emphasis on user feedback by placing reviews and average ratings front and center.

Check out the link below to learn more about Facebook Places.

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