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5 Steps to Master Content Marketing For Your Small Business 0

From Main Street Hub and ContentWriters

In 2017, consumers are looking online now more than ever to find a small business just like yours. In order to be competitive in your industry, you have to be visible when a customer looks for you online, and content marketing is a cost-effective way to boost your business in search results. In fact, 72% of marketers say relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.

Content marketing allows your business to maximize its potential to drive engagement, gain new customers, and fortify relationships with existing customers.

Not sure how?

Follow these 5 steps to develop and implement a comprehensive content marketing strategy, tailored to your business:

Step One: Brand

An effective content marketing strategy will be consistent, authentic, and tailored to provide value to your business’s audience. You’ll want to be very clear about your business’s brand so that it can inform every single piece of content you post.

The most important factors to consider when developing your online brand are your identity, your audience, and your business goals.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What is the personality of my business?

Who is my ideal customer?

What results do I want my online content to accomplish?

No one knows the ins and outs of your business better than you do! By asking yourself these questions, you’ll be able to get a sense of the authentic voice that makes sense for your business. From there, every piece of content that you create for your content marketing strategy will be inspired by your voice, your followers, and your goals.

Step Two: Social Media

As a business owner in today’s market, you have to integrate social media marketing into your content marketing strategy in order to be competitive. Setting up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles for your business is free and comes with many benefits for you and your customers alike!

The benefits of being present, active, and engaged on social media are a boost in SEO, increased opportunities for customer service, a cost-effective means of increasing brand awareness, and visibility in local search results.

If you don’t have the time or the know-how to keep up with all of these platforms at once, choose the one platform that makes the most sense for your target audience. If your business caters to a young demographic, Instagram is the most effect way to reach the youngest group of internet users. If you mostly serve or sell to customers 30 years old and above, Facebook the best place for you to start. Twitter is the most receptive platform to non-visual content, so if you don’t have access to strong photography of your business and your products, Twitter might be the best match for you.

Try to post at least once day, mixing up your content so that there is variety for your audience. Provide value by posting educational content relevant to your industry, photos of your product or service, and news about your community! From there, interact with and respond to all comments, mentions, wall posts, and reviews that your customers leave on your profiles. This of this as good customer service. It will show your fans and followers that you are grateful for their support and engagement.

Don’t have time to manage your business’ social media? Let Main Street Hub do it for you. Learn more here!

Step Three: Email Marketing

Once you’ve used social media to bring in new customers, outlining an email marketing strategy is the next step to build brand loyalty and keep those customers coming back time and time again.

By sending out a weekly or biweekly email newsletter to your existing client base, you’ll stay top of mind with your customers, making it more likely that they’ll become repeat customers and loyal fans.

Integrate your social media and email marketing efforts by including links to your social channels in each email you send! That way, your loyal customers have the opportunity to interact with you online in more ways than one.

Step Four: Blog

Content marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts. And, as an added bonus, regular blog articles give you extra content to share on your social media channels!

When deciding what kind of content to create for your blog, you’ll want to strategize how to provide value to your audience and stay true to the brand you developed in Step One. Show variety in your content so that your customers will want to check back, and make sure everything you post is relevant to both your industry and your target audience.

From there, measure the results of each blog you create. By comparing the number of views, reads, and shares on each piece of blog content you publish, you’ll be able to determine what kind of content your audience enjoys most and allow that inform your content strategy moving forward.

Don’t have the time to write blogs every week? Team up with the talented writers at ContentWriters to fill out your content!

Step Five: Evergreen Content

The beauty of creating content is that it lives forever on your site. Foundational content, or evergreen content, yields numerous benefits long after the minute you push that publish button on your blog. Once you publish a blog post or other form of extended written content on your site, it becomes part of the greater volume of work that establishes your business as a thought leader in your industry.

A great example of evergreen content is a white paper. White papers are designed to provide value to any customer reading it by giving them real insight into the business, specifically, your company’s role in the industry. Having multiple white papers on your site increases the relevancy of your business, which helps immensely when search engines are trying to decide who should rank first.

We know that developing and executing a successful content marketing strategy is a time commitment, especially on top of running your small business every day. However, by following these five important content marketing steps, you’ll be able to return on that investment with higher search results, increased brand awareness, visibility to new customers, increased loyalty with existing customers, and a better online experience for your customers.

Need help using content marketing to drive new business? Learn more about how Main Street Hub and ContentWriters can help you:

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ContentWriters specializes in providing expert-level written content across a diverse range of industries. From blog posts to white papers, ContentWriters has the ability to craft content that is perfectly tailored to your brand message at any scale. By tapping into our robust network of talent, our team ensures that the perfect writers are assigned to your company’s content needs.

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#25 – Liquido Active hangs its reputation, CenturyLink fires whistle blower, and fake libel orders a thing? 0

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Greed is the theme for the week. When companies get greedy, bad things happen to their reputations.

Each week, Erin Jones and I take a look at the most interesting reputation management stories, answer your questions, and share valuable ORM tactics. In this week’s episode:

If you have a question you would like us to tackle, please leave a comment below or on my Facebook Page.

Transcript (forgive us for any typos):

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How to Select a Marketing Agency 0

Chicken or steak?

Wouldn’t it be great if choosing a marketing agency was as simple as choosing your entrée at a wedding reception?

Most marketing firms do a great job selling themselves (they’re in the business, after all!). How can you move beyond the façade of a slick website and determine if their people, services and approach are right for your organization?

Here are a few factors to consider when weighing your options:

  • Range of services.
    Marketing firms come in all shapes and sizes. The scope of services they offer is just as diverse – ranging from advertising and PR to outbound marketing, content marketing  and digital marketing. Focus your search by looking for partners with expertise in the areas where you need the most help.
  • Area(s) of specialization.
    What industries do they specialize in? Are their clients primarily business to business or business to consumer? Are they well-versed in the challenges and trends impacting your organization and its customers? Select a firm with experience in your type of business and industry.
  • Up-to-date practices.
    Marketing is a rapidly evolving discipline; the best agencies stay current on new trends and technologies – and practice what they preach! When selecting a marketing partner, look for indicators that they have the tools and processes to support your success, including:

    • A responsive mobile website (i.e., one that loads quickly, displays properly and works well on a mobile device)
    • A robust, cohesive social media presence (i.e., a consistent brand and message across platforms)
    • Great content (i.e., educational, gently persuasive and entertaining information that’s relevant to your business
    • Ways for measuring success (i.e., analytical tools to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts)
  • Exceptional communication and service.
    If you’re paying for professional marketing support, you should expect a great service experience. The best agencies employ communication experts who are professional, responsive and friendly. When evaluating marketing firms, learn about their communication practices, problem-solving methods and service processes, to ensure you’ll have a great experience and get the results you need.
  • As you evaluate potential partners, learn more about their people.
    Choose an agency with a team of passionate, diverse, creative professionals (both visual and verbal) who are full of innovative ideas to tell your story and engage your audiences.
  • A track record of success.
    Great marketing agencies will provide you with case studies, examples of their work, and professional references to demonstrate their ability to get the job done.

Evaluating marketing agencies?

Give BARQAR (bark-er) a call. We’ll assess your needs, explain our expertise and services, and make it easy for you to choose the best marketing partner for your business.


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5 Kinds of Facebook Content for Your Bowling Alley 0

Social media marketing tips to grow your business

If you aren’t using Facebook for your bowling alley, now is the time to start! Every day, consumers are looking online for a local business just like yours. At Main Street Hub, we’re here to help you stand out among the competition and discover your online community.

By keeping your business’ Facebook page full of exciting content, you will be able to get new customers in the door, build relationships with your existing customer base, and stay top-of-mind with the bowling enthusiasts in your area.

Don’t have time to spare for social media marketing? Let Main Street Hub do it for you!

Here are 5 kinds of Facebook content to strike up a conversation with your online community:

1. Behind the Scenes Photos

Your Facebook content has the power to get your followers more familiar with and excited about what your business offers to the community — like good times, a friendly team, and awesome customers.

By showcasing your business in a creative way, you’ll remind your fans and followers why they love spending time at your alley.

Streamwood Bowl showcasing one of their newest customers!

2. Testimonials

Matador Bowl showed off some of their great feedback, and let their Facebook followers know that they’re on Yelp!

Showing off your best online reviews and testimonials will serve your bowling alley in a couple different ways.

When a new potential customer looks up your business on Facebook, they’ll be able to see some of your awesome customer feedback. This puts your business’ best foot forward by showing everyone who checks you out online just how loved your business is in the community and how happy your customers are.

Testimonial posts also act as cross-promotion for your review platforms. By showing gratitude to your previous reviewers, your followers will know where to leave their reviews and how much they mean to you and your business — making them more likely to leave a great review!

3. Educational Content

Remember, most people following your business on Facebook probably love to bowl. Think about the kinds of questions your customers might want to know before visiting your business and allow that to inform your Facebook content.

Keeping your Facebook feed full of educational content will provide value to your followers and build trust with new and potential customers by showing that you are an expert in your industry and enthusiastic about all things bowling.

4. Entertaining Content

What does every alley cat love to see? Fun bowling content, of course! Give the people what they want by sharing simple, fun content like bowling puns and jokes.

Entertaining Facebook content is shareable. Every time one of your fans shares a post from your business, that content gets in front of new people — people who might be looking for lanes just like yours!

Millennium Bowl gave their followers a silly reminder to stay safe this summer.

5. Questions

Check out all those recommendations for Maple Lanes!

Posting questions relevant to your industry is an excellent way to get your customers engaged in conversations online. Try polling your customers about their high scores or quizzing them on bowling trivia!

Not only will you be able to create engagement by getting people to comment their answers to your questions, but you will stay top-of-mind with your new and existing customers by getting them to check back for the answer.

Get your social media pages out of the gutter! Let Main Street Hub do it for you. Click here to get started.

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Spokeo Opt Out: The Most Effective Method 0

We hear from tons of people who have questions on how to safely and quickly secure a Spokeo opt out.

Don’t worry, understanding how to opt out of Spokeo isn’t that difficult.

However, you definitely want to be sure you do it right.

First we’ll go over how Spokeo got your information in the first place. It’s helpful to know so you can protect your online presence more effectively.

Then, we’ll cover the opt out procedure in full detail.

What is Spokeo?

Spokeo is an online database that aggregates information about people from multiple sources elsewhere on the web so users can easily find this sort of data in one place.

The site uses web crawlers to find and aggregate the information you find on the site. No personal information on Spokeo is original research, so if it’s on Spokeo that means it is also somewhere else.

Why is it an issue?

While search results from Spokeo may feel troublesome for some more than others, there’s no denying that your search results matter. No matter what your profession, You are being looked up online by others. From business partners to potential customers to dates and coworkers – someone is googling your name!

This means if your name, phone number, or address is floating around online there’s a good chance it will be found.

With sites like Spokeo in the mix, it only gets easier for someone to come across this information. This is one of the most common reasons why people want to go through the Spokeo opt out procedure.

Aside from security concerns, there’s another reason to take Spokeo listings seriously. By diluting your online footprint with information that doesn’t benefit a professional searcher you can hurt your online reputation significantly.

The data supports how important your online reputation is – especially when it comes to your professional life. Nearly half (42%) of the online U.S. adults that looked somebody up in a search engine, did so before deciding to do business with them (2012 BrandYourself/Harris Interactive study). This makes understanding how to opt out of Spokeo even more important.

This can have a staggering impact on your career – for better or for worse. So instead of greeting a potential colleague, employee or employer with your birthday and home phone number, make sure that they see relevant information about you.

How to opt out of Spokeo

When it comes to the information available about individuals online, everyone has different comfort levels with what’s out there.

Although Spokeo publishes aggregate data that is publicly available about people online, it can be somewhat disturbing to see this all in one place. Because of that, the site allows individuals to request data removal (aka an opt out) from the site.

The full Spokeo opt out procedure

If you prefer to keep the kind of information mentioned above private, you’re in luck. While removing the information from Spokeo does not mean that other sites will also remove this information, it’s a start. Follow the steps below to remove your private information from Spokeo.

  1. Create an email address that doesn’t include your name or any personal information. You will receive a confirmation at the end of the process and need to click the included link to verify your removal request. Consider creating a gmail, gmx or guerilla mail account to use in conjunction with the removal process. Remember, guerrilla mail accounts are temporary, so respond to the confirmation email immediately.
  2. Visit and search for your name. Make sure to search for variations of your name including nicknames, maiden names, professional names and even spouse names.
  3. Click on the results that relate to you. Initially Spokeo will filter search results for your name by state. Start the process by selecting the state where you currently live, and choose your street.
  4. Once you’ve clicked through this result and selected your current address, copy the URL page that shows all of the information associated with this person/location.
  5. From here, scroll to the very bottom of the page and choose “Privacy”. Again, skip down to the bottom of the page and select the “Opt Out” form.
  6. Once you’ve found the Opt Out form, paste your listing’s profile URL into the appropriate text box, then type your new email address (which you don’t normally use, and doesn’t share any information about you) in the other textbox. Don’t forget to check and fill out the CAPTCHA box. When you finish, click, “Remove this listing” at the bottom of the page.
  7. If everything worked, when you check your inbox, you should find a confirmation email from Spokeo – make sure to check your Spam folder if you don’t see it in your primary inbox.
  8. Open that email, click the link and confirm that you want to remove this listing.
  9. Repeat as needed for listings of other places you’ve lived. Keep in mind that you will be limited to 5 removals at a time.

The next step

After going through the Spokeo opt out process, you still have more work to do. While it’s great that this listing will no longer appear on Spokeo, most of it is still publicly available elsewhere, probably not all in the same place.

Make sure that you scan search results for your name on Google (or another search engine) for more private information. Once you’ve gathered a list of potential culprits, follow their respective rules for removal.

In addition to dealing with these other sites, know that your information could still appear on Spokeo in the future. While Spokeo will not simply re-post what you’ve removed, they periodically pull information, so if there is new information associated with your name, there is a good chance that this will appear on their site down the road.

How to ensure maximum effectiveness when opting out of Spokeo

While removing your listings from Spokeo and comparable databases is one way to keep private information – well – private, it’s not guaranteed to last forever (or at all – depending on the site removal policies).

Luckily, there is an alternative solution to play defense and keep people from seeing it when they search your name online.

Use our 3-step process

At BrandYourself, we make it our business to monitor, improve and protect your online presence. Time and time again we’ve seen our clients develop impressive online reputations by simply following our 3-Step process below. Following this will make sure you stay protected after the Spokeo opt out procedure.

The first step is building a foundation of high-quality web properties. These are most commonly social media properties and websites.

The next step is optimizing these to rank for your name in search engines and establishing further relevancy so personal information in the future doesn’t have a chance to be viewed by unwanted eyes.

Lastly, there is some simple maintenance that you can do to make sure everything stays at cruising altitude. You can do this yourself, or utilize our tools and services to make things even easier.

When it comes to dealing with private information and opting out of sites like Spokeo, we’ve found this strategy to work best. Through this 3-Step Process, the sites that you control gain authority and eventually overwhelm and suppress those search results that show your private information.

This gives you another strong layer of security for protecting your personal information. Better safe than sorry right?

The wrap up

When dealing with exposed information on sites like Spokeo, just opting out isn’t enough. You need to create a presence to replace and overwhelm the information that you can’t control and don’t want others to see.

If you want to use our tools and services to help guarantee the Spokeo opt out procedure goes smoothly, visit the pages below:

BrandYourself’s Free DIY Product: Walks you through the process of monitoring and improving your online presence yourself with a number of features to help you understand how you look now and what steps you should take to improve. (Our standard tool is free, and the premium version costs $99 per year for added features and access).

BrandYourself’s Managed Services: Put you together with a team of BrandYourself-certified Reputation Specialists who handle the work for you. This includes extracting your personal brand (what you want people to know about you), building high-quality websites and profiles, and consistently publishing well-branded content on your behalf. (Managed services start at $399 per month).

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