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5 local businesses you should follow on Instagram

With 800 million users, it’s not surprising that Instagram is the second most popular social media network.

Majority of these users are looking to connect with local businesses like yours — 80% of users follow at least one business on Instagram, and there’s a steady increase in users requesting information about your business through the app.

Whether you have an established Instagram page or you’re just getting started, check out these local businesses on Instagram for some serious inspiration:


Juice bar in Austin, Texas

There are a lot of things happening in your community — do what Juiceland did, and get your business involved in ‘em! Juiceland shared this photo at Austin City Limits, a popular music festival in the city. Not only are they showing off their product, they’re associating themselves with a community event and reaching out to a new demographic that may not have heard of them before with ACL’s hashtags.

Altezza Events

Event venue in Laredo, Texas

Instagram posts need to be visually appealing, but they also need to be engaging. Creating a graphic like Altezza Events did is a great way to start conversations with your followers. Ask them a question related to your business or encourage them to leave their favorite memory of your business in the comments — this is an awesome way to strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Rō Fitness

Rowing studio in Austin, Texas

Over half of potential customers check out your business online before visiting you in store, which is why Instagram is a great space to show off your business and products or service. This video from one of Rō’s classes shows new rowers exactly what a class will look like and entices them to come in and try it themselves.

Frolick Dogs

Dog day care in Alexandria, Virginia

Frolick Dogs understands what their fans want to see — dogs. And the only thing better than one adorable pup photo is a collage of pup photos. Think about what your customers and online followers would enjoy, and post that!


Restaurant in Austin, Texas

Taking your own photos and videos for Instagram is important, but so is sharing your customers’ photos! Chi’Lantro does a fantastic job of reposting content that their followers tag them in. This is a win for your business because you get access to great content, a win for your customer because you’re engaging with them, and a win for potential customers because they get to see something exciting about your business.

Next time you post on your small business’ Instagram page, remember:

Engage with your community

Encourage conversations

Show off your products or services

Post what people want to see

Use user-generated content

Happy posting!

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You’ll Want a Pizza This 0

3 reputation management tips your pizzeria kneads to know

Local pizza shop owners have one of the best jobs out there — owning a small business and serving one of the most popular dishes in America? That’s amore.

Whether you’re an established pizza joint in your community or just setting up shop, what customers say about your business online can affect your bottom line.

With majority of Yelp users making a purchase after reading reviews of businesses around them, follow these 3 tips to make sure they’ve got their eyes on your pies:

Answer All Reviews

Whether a review is positive or negative, taking the time to respond can make a huge impression on not just your current customers but future ones too!

There are different approaches to take based on whether the review is positive or negative. Check out our best practices for answering online reviews here.

Respond Quickly

One of the best ways to show your customers how important their reviews are to you is to respond in 48 hours or less.

A quick response to your customers shows you’re paying attention to your online reputation and that their feedback matters.

Know When to Apologize

Sometimes, customers won’t be completely satisfied when they leave your shop and will write about their experience on your Google, Yelp, or TripAdvisor page.

Don’t be afraid to apologize, but also know that it’s okay to defend your business. But remember — there’s a fine line between defending your business and being defensive.

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You’ll Want a Pizza This was originally published in Main Street Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Source: Main Street Hub

#34 – Dove, Facebook, Cam Newton, and Jemele Hill all learn perception trumps intention 0

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When it comes to reputation attacks, perception always trumps intentions.

Each week, Erin Jones and I take a look at the most interesting reputation management stories, answer your questions, and share valuable ORM tactics. In this week’s episode:

If you have a question you would like us to tackle, please leave a comment below or on my Facebook Page.

Transcript (forgive us for any typos):

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Social Media: Modern Day Customer Service 0

4 tips to extend your in-person customer service online

In 2017, your customers aren’t calling or emailing your small business with their customer service concerns.

They’re tweeting at your business on Twitter, posting on your Facebook wall, and direct messaging you on Instagram.

Currently, 90% of customers reach out to brands like yours on social media and consider it the first place they’d turn to if they had a problem or complaint.

How you handle customer service on your business’ social media pages can be the difference between a repeat customer and a lost one — here’s how to be as customer-savvy online as you are in-store:

Always Respond

Just like you’d engage a customer who approached you at your business, you need to do the same thing when you’re engaged online.

No matter how minor or major a customer’s message may seem, taking the time to respond will make your customer adore your business even more.

Spending time replying can also increase your bottom line — customers are 3x more likely to recommend your business after a positive social media customer service interaction.

Reply Quickly

Time is of the essence! When a customer reaches out to your business on social media, 60% of them expect a reply within an hour or less.

Make sure you’re monitoring your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for any questions, complaints, or concerns. Responding in a timely fashion is a great way to impress your customers and show them you care.

Be Personable

Always follow the golden rule of responding to people on social media — tweet others how you’d like to be tweeted.

Treat the tweets, comments, and messages that your business receives how you would treat those problems in-person. Don’t be afraid to be empathetic, use humor, and show emotion. Your personable response will go a long way for the customer.

Know When to Make the Conversation Private

When customers have concerns they want your business to know about, they have a lot of options on social media of how to get that message to you.

Sometimes, customers will publicly tweet at your business, write on your Facebook wall, or comment on an Instagram photo. It’s important to know when to respond publicly to your customers’ concerns and when to take things to a private message.

If an issue is sensitive, don’t be afraid to ask for the customer’s contact information, for them to private message you, or for them to send your business an email or give you a call.

Taking the time to make your online customer service as exceptional online as it is in-person will impress your customers and keep them coming back to your business!

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Social Media: Modern Day Customer Service was originally published in Main Street Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Elevating Our Team, One Email at a Time 0

Spotlight on Community Manager Molly Knobloch

At Main Street Hub, building a strong sense of community plays a large part in what we do for our small business customers. We love being able to bring people and communities together.

This is a passion that Community Manager Molly Knobloch has not only for our customers, but for the Main Street Hub Team.

Molly saw an opportunity to help our team grow closer, so she created Hub Happenings. This monthly email send allows Hubsters to share projects they’re working on outside of the office, upcoming events, their favorite local businesses, and even their pets.

Learn more about Molly and how she’s bringing the team together:

Tell us about yourself!

“I’m from Boston, and I went to school in New Orleans at Tulane University. I’m very interested in art — that’s what I majored in during college, and I still have a studio here in Austin. I’m training for my second half marathon, and I just adopted a dog.”

What drew you to Main Street Hub?

“My friend started working here, and it sounded really interesting. I love local businesses, and it’s fun to represent them. I’m an artist and a visual person, so creating content is really fun for me — especially when you’re working with beautiful images like our photographers take. It’s pretty exciting.”

What’s one of the things you value most in an office culture?

“In an office culture, I definitely value honest feedback. I think if everyone can be honest about what they need and what they’re looking for, everyone can be more productive and efficient. I really like that about Main Street Hub.”

Tell us about Hub Happenings — what is it, and why did you create it?

“Hub Happenings is a monthly email that lets people know about the events that are coming up that Hubsters are involved in. It also has other fun things, like meet-ups, people’s pets, and local business highlights.

“When there was a call for people to help plan team bonding, I started thinking about ways we could bond as a team, and I thought this was something that was missing.

“I always hear through the grapevine that other people are comedians and musicians and actors and artists. I feel like you can miss out on a lot of cool events if you haven’t talked to the people involved in them. I think everyone should have the opportunity to go support their coworkers and find out common interests with other people. Hub Happenings is a good way to get the word out about your interests and what you’re doing in the community.

“I’m excited other people are excited about it and that people can connect outside of the office.”

How has it impacted the office?

“I’ve gotten a really good response from it. A lot of people have said ‘This is so fun!,’ ‘I had no idea so-and-so was a comedian, musician, etc.,’ and they’re excited to learn new things about their coworkers.

“People also get really excited about sharing their pets, so I have a backlog of pet photos I’ll be putting out in future emails. Also, I think the local love spotlight is really fun because there are so many new businesses to try.”

What’s your favorite Main Street Hub value?

“My favorite value is Speak Up. I’m a really vocal person. I like working in an office where we’re encouraged to Speak Up if we think something can be improved, if someone deserves recognition, or if we need help.”

Why is helping Hubsters build relationships with each other important?

“It helps connect everyone in the office — you may not know how much you have in common with the person sitting next to you or across the room from you. Knowing that a lot of people at Main Street Hub have creative passions is an awesome way to get connected and feel like you belong in this workplace.

“We’re representing local businesses around the country and that translates into our everyday lives. We want to support local in our everyday lives. Whether it’s a local business someone loves or somebody is performing at a local bar or having a show at a local theatre, we’re all part of the local community, and it’s cool to connect that way.”

Learn more about our team here! Want to work with us? Apply here.

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