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What is Social Currency 0

Social Currency

Definition of Social Currency:

Social currency is becoming the new buzzword for your personal and business brands, although the term is commonly misunderstood. Reputation911 defines social currency as the accumulation of social media sites, the level of popularity on those sites, along with the quality of followers that brings a value to your personal or company brand. Many high profile celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, small business, and individual professionals are investing money to measure, build, and protect their online image.

What is Your Social Reach:

Social currency defines the worth of your business by promoting your brand through social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Knowing what your social reach or impact is through Facebook and Twitter, as well as how to best communicate that brand to your potential customers is vital.  An example of how customers can see the value of a company through social currency is when they visit a facebook page. If the company’s Facebook has 30 people who liked them, most of whom are clearly friends of the owner or spam Facebooks, and the company seldom writes posts; the customer is likely going to dismiss the company.  Whereas if the company has upwards of 300 or more quality, respectable likes and writes relevant posts frequently, then the potential customer is likely to respect the company as a legitimate and viable business.

Benefits of Social Currency:

Almost everyone in today’s world has social currency already, but most don’t know what it is or how to use it to their benefit.  Essentially social currency exists when a person or company has multiple social media accounts on various platforms, but it gains strength or value when people share from one account to the next. Now a days, it is very difficult for a company to be successful without being seen as successful online.  Companies need to be able to easily inform people about their business and connect with the public.  Building social currency allows people and companies to reach a large variety of quality people or customers and boost their image or brand.

Branding and building an online reputation are essential to optimizing your Social Currency. For more information on how to build social currency to benefit you or your company visit Reputation911.

Source: Reputation 911

How being thankful can help your reputation 0

In today’s fast paced technology driven world, many people often feel like their favorite brands don’t know them past the dollars they’re spending.  Even favorite brands can miss the mark on recognizing customers, clients, and even vendors.  Taking some time out of your day to let people know that you’re grateful for them will not only make them feel good, but it will make your day brighter as well.THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

How do you let your customers or business partners know that you appreciate them?  Often, a simple thank you is enough to brighten someone’s day.  Simply calling customers out by name and thanking them via Facebook is sure to put a smile on their face.  Looking to step it up a notch?  We’ve got you covered.  Give them a shout out, or offer a coupon code.  Many big brands celebrate large fan counts by creating customized thank you videos, sharing information about their brand, or offering big bargains for their fans.  These are ideas that could easily be translated to companies of any size.

Another way to let people know you appreciate them is to offer them your time.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  Reply to emails, Facebook posts, and Tweets.  We know we’ve said this before, but we can’t say it enough: let them know you’re listening, and that you care about what they have to say.

If you’ve got it in the budget, give them free stuff.  Even if you can’t afford to go all Oprah on them, send some swag their way. If you want to get real crazy, give them an iPad.  Some logo wear in a box with an order or a thank you note packs a double punch.  Not only do they get some free stuff, but you get some free promotion when they wear it.

Take a moment this holiday season and thank your customers.  For their time, for their business, for their support.  It will mean a lot to them, and will make you feel great!

Oh yeah, in case we forgot to mention it?  Thank you.  Thank you for your time, your business, and your support.  We appreciate you!

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How to help negative online reputation 0

How to Get Rid of a Negative Reputation written by: Jake Lawson

Did you come across a negative post about yourself online? Are you having trouble deciding what to do? If that’s the case, read on to find out how you can remove your name from a negative post.

Over the past few years, the Internet has experienced a huge revolution. People are now able to share and transmit information to anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. The past few years have also an increase in popularity of websites that allows users to publish content about anything or anyone. One such site is, which claims it is a neutral website that allows users to inform other people about dishonest, abusive or cheating partners (referred to as psychos on the website.)

The problem with such a site is that they do not investigate the information posted by the users, or even regulate it. In their FAQs section, admits that they do not verify the accuracy of the content posted. They go on to claim that the users are responsible for the content they post, and therefore, they cannot remove the post unless they receive an order from a court or arbitrator. The posting is also done anonymously, making it impossible to contact the user who posted or take any legal action against them.

To make matters worse, uses SEO tactics to increase the online visibility of the posted “physco” profiles. If you search one of the names that has been posted on the website, you will find that the first listing on the search engine results is the profile. The end result of this is that many innocent people find themselves victims of jilted lovers and exes, who post false information about them as a way of getting back.

Importance of removing your name from negative posts

Having your name included in a profile is a cause of concern. For starters, once you have been included in the website, anyone searching your name on the internet will be able to see that information. This includes family and friends. Having people like this view information about you can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

Negative information posted on can also cause you to lose your job, or make it impossible to be hired. Most employers try to find as much as possible about new employees before hiring them. Most employers will thus have issues hiring you if they come across negative posts about you online. In other cases, you might be fired if the employer deems that the negative information posted about you is having a negative impact on the clients.

For a business person, the effects can be even more devastating. Having negative information about you online will ruin your personal brand, which will greatly affect your business. Anyone searching your name online will be able to view the negative posts, which includes customers, clients, and investors. Most people will shun doing business with you, whether the information posted is true or not.

Due to these reasons, it is of utmost importance to have your name removed from a website like However, trying to do that by yourself is almost impossible. Under the websites terms and conditions, only the author of a post can request them to take it down. Therefore, all you can do is tell your side of the story, which will be of little help considering the damage has been done. The other option is to take legal action so as to force the website to take down the post. However, this can be a long and expensive process, and there is no guarantee it will work; there is a chance you might lose the case. Fortunately for you, there is a simple and faster way of removing your name from a negative post – is an online reputation management websites that helps people to remove their names from negative posts such as those found on On top of removing names from such negative posts, it also helps people to remove defaming information online, fix negative search engine results, remove derogatory articles or blog posts, remove bad reviews and ratings, among others.

How does Work? helps to remove your name from negative posts in the following way:

1) Removal of name and negative post has a legal team that helps clients to remove names from negative posting. The company can contact the website to remove your name or use legal means to compel them to take down the negative post.

2) Suppressing the information

In some situations, removing your name from a negative post might not be possible. In such a scenario, suppresses the negative post, making it hard for people to find it. This is done through a tactic known as suppression, which uses SEO tactics to promote positive information about you. Suppression decreases the search engine ranking of the negative post, making sure that anyone searching your name will be met with positive information about you and not the negative post.

Suppression is also achieved by using social media to implement campaigns that will promote your reputation, as well as counter the effects of any future negative posts

3) Monitoring

After removal or suppression of your negative post, monitors the internet for any negative mention of your name on websites, forums, reviews, and blog posts and comments. In case there is any mention of your name, the company immediately removes it or suppresses the information.


Websites such as have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and they have been a cause of anguish for a lot of innocent people who have found themselves victims of false and derogatory posts. While there is little that can be done against such websites, it is possible to remove your name and the negative information posted about you. By using, you can be able to regain your peace of mind and rebuild your online reputation.

Reputation Management Pricing Factors 0

Online reputation management, is the practice of making individuals and businesses look good online. Online reputation management has become necessary with the advent of social media because online forums, blogs and other forms of online communication and information sharing has given a public voice to people so they can say anything about anyone from behind a computer screen.

Reputation Management Services can help remove and or suppress unwanted information about you and or your business.

Reputation Management CostRemoval:

Should always be the first and primary option to online reputation management.  Removal is usually done by a team of investigators and Internet privacy attorneys.

The cost for removal depends on what type of site the unwanted content is on i.e. .com, etc and how many high authority links are coming and going to the site. Removal also depends on which country the website or it’s servers are located in.

Service like My Online Privacy can remove unwanted links, blogs, and images from your personal or business search results permanently, keeping your personal information off of people search sites and the rest of the Internet


Suppression is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is only for one site, however, Reputation management prices are based not only on creating and optimizing web content, but also pushing multiple sites further off your first page search results. Forbes quotes that a good national SEO campaign ranges from  $2000 to over $10,000 each month.

The Cost for Reputation Management Suppression depends as much on who you are “online” as it does on what you need to clean up your search results. The cost also depends on what can be leveraged from your social media currency already online vs starting from scratch with new social media profiles and websites.

Suppression is most effective when it is customized to your personal or business brand and is done in the following steps:

Professional Content Creation is where you will work with a team of writers who will develop and write and develop a series of professional articles, blog posts, social media bios that are relevant and search engine optimized.  These articles will positively promote your accomplishments and over time, will be the first thing current and prospective clients will see when they search for you online.

Website and Social Media Build-out: The website and social media build-out team will create and build out your personal websites and/or social media sites.  They will do so with accurate, searchable information and content that will give you instant visibility and credibility with current and potential colleagues who are searching for you online.

Online Reputation Maintenance:  Once your search results are achieved, the Maintenance team will monitor your reputation by securing the first two pages of search results and continuing to use positive online promotion. Our reputation management experts will control and protect your reputation from unwanted images, blogs, articles and/or links that may appear over the next year, by continuously monitoring, updating, and promoting your positive reputation.

Reputation Monitoring: Our engineers will closely monitor search results and work around the clock to maintain and increase the visibility of your positive online reputation.

Other Factors may Include: 

  • If the client is looking to Prevent or Protect themselves from a Crisis, or is already in one.
  • What the client’s current reputation looks like online.
  • Whether or not we have access to clients’ current websites and social media profiles and how much control over these accounts the client is willing to share with us.
  • How popular or how far of a reach the domain and or website has that controls the unwanted information/article.
  • How much Page and Domain Authority the unwanted information has that needs to be removed or suppressed (via MOZ)
  • Time Frame: how long the unwanted information/article been on the web and how quickly it needs to be removed
  • How many links are attached to the article, which sites are linking to it, and can the link or links be removed.
  • Whether the client can provide the content for websites and social media pages or if it will be the responsibility of the Reputation Management Firm to write quality, Search Engine Optimized, professional, and useful content.

Source: Reputation 911