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Webinar Alert: How to Manage Your Reputation Online 0

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As a restaurant owner, you understand that your reputation precedes you. Whether it’s through word of mouth online or offline, today, there are more ways than ever for your customers to share an experience with their network of family and friends. So, the question is, how do you present your restaurant in the best possible light?

This is a question that opens the door to a lot of different opinions. However, with a little direction based on what’s working for other local business owners, there are some specific things you can do to improve, manage and promote your reputation online.

That’s why on Tuesday, May 12th Main Street Hub and Open Table are hosting a webinar to cover the best practices for reaching new customers and building a positive reputation on sites like Yelp, OpenTable, Facebook and Twitter. Whether you’re an online marketing guru or a social media newbie, this conversation has something for you.

In addition, we’ll be covering things such as how to:

– build your reputation online organically;

– present your menu in a way that drives more traffic through your doors;

– and create content on social media to engage and retain diners.

Have a specific question you’d like to ask? We’ll end the webinar with an open Q&A session.

Click here to claim your spot and join the conversation. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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India Times: Your digital reputation is the key to success, says consultant Michael Fertik 0

In this piece, the India Time’s Priyanka Sangani interviews CEO Michael Fertik about the ways companies are using personal online data to make hiring decisions. The article also discusses key themes from Fertik’s recent book, The Reputation Economy, and offers advice about “Big Analysis” for businesses. Read More >>

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5 Reasons Every Business Should Focus on Online Reviews 0

There is no shortage of data floating out there that proves that reviews have a direct effect on the revenues of a business.  Especially for SMB’s, these reviews have become the lifeblood of their new business efforts.  Of course the restaurants, hotels, and other service industry businesses get the lion’s share of the action on these sites, but that does not mean it is not important to others business sectors.

Still though, I often times hear that reviews are not important to their business or they don’t want anything to do with them.  The truth is that they are here and here to stay, and an opportunity exists in this realm to get ahead of the competition by having a solid plan in place.  So why then are they important to ALL businesses?

  1. Fulfilling Customer Expectations – Regardless of what customer service system you have in place, consumers still go online to third party review sites to bring up issues or perceived issues.  With a solid plan in place it can become public knowledge that your customer service is on point.  Worst case scenario, someone writes terrible things about your business, it is still an opportunity to show that you are professional and make every effort to take care of your customers.
  1. Protecting Your Business – Not having a plan in place is like driving on an LA freeway with no auto insurance.  Though you may never get in an accident, if you do, it could be a financial disaster.  Same rule applies to online reviews, while you may never get a bad one, if you do and you’re not paying attention it could be costing you serious business and you don’t even know it!
  1. Reviews Drive Revenue – Study after study proves that reviews drive revenue for businesses.  A Harvard Business School study in 2011 showed that a 1 star change on yelp can result in a 5-9% change in revenue.  That is HUGE and it is only 1 website.  The effects of Google + reviews and other industry specific sites is undeniable.
  1. Everybody’s Doing It – Though in high school this was probably not a good reason to do something, in this circumstance it is.  Your competitors are likely already strategizing in this key area for future growth.  If you are not, you may be missing out on revenue you didn’t even know about, or worse yet losing your business to a competitor.  If they are not doing it, a solid plan will only put you that much further ahead.
  1. Time is Relentless – Time never stops and it takes a lot of time to repair a damaged online reputation.  This damage could take 6 month to a year to repair and the lost profits during that time can be detrimental to an SMB.  Though there is no fail safe to protect you 100% from bad reviews online, having a strategy in place to gain as much positive feedback as possible and then react swiftly to the one of negative review is certainly better than the alternative.

There are countless ways to grow and protect your business.  The reality of online reviews is that the potential effect on a business’s bottom line is massive.  Whatever the business, this should be a priority as the world continues to move online.

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Online Review Management 0


Online Review Management | Reputaton911

Star Rating System

Online reviews have the power to change a company’s status overnight. One bad review appearing at the top of a company’s search results can turn customers away and cause them to do business with the company’s competition. In order to maintain a successful business, it is crucial to have accurate and positive search results showing up on the first page of Google.

A company’s first page on Google often represents a first impression of the company to consumers. Today, the majority of consumers will consult a company’s online reviews and search results before committing to making a purchase.

Along with the classic search results, Google now has a feature that shows a small selection of a company’s Google reviews on the right side of the page. These reviews are what will stand out to consumers looking into a business. If the results display one or two bad reviews, potential customers may be scared away. Google also uses this information when considering a company’s overall reputation score. If negative reviews and comments appear in this section, the company’s rankings on Google may fall as their cost for marketing and SEO increases.

Online reviews have sucha strong impact on potential customers because they offer a first-hand look at real experiences had by other customers. However, it is important to realize that not all reviews are reliable.

Fake reviews have become a major issue for businesses both big and small. Businesses and individuals in service industries are at a particularly high risk for receiving fake negative reviews. This group includes doctors, surgeons, mechanics, restaurants, oil companies, financial service companies and many more.

Fake reviews may be left by past employees, competitors, or individuals holding a personal grudge who are looking to attack a business or individual.

Companies need to develop a strategy to protect or better yet prevent fake reviews from bringing down their business. How can businesses be sure the reviews that are representing their company are authentic and how can they remove fake reviews?

Reputation911 offers the My Online Reviews™ to help businesses and professionals manage their online reviews.  While some companies offer a short term fix for online review management, the team at Reputation911 goes a step further to ensure long term permanent results. Many reputation management and review management companies will provide a dashboard for businesses to manage their reviews on open-ended sites such as Yelp, Vitals, Tripadvisor, and Google+. While these sites can be a great way to reach customers and get a company’s name out there, they are geared more towards the users of the site rather than the business itself.

The team at Reputation911 will build out close ended business sites, blogs and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin to allow the business owner or individual to have control over what is being said about their company. At the same time, Reputation911 will set up their clients on certified consumer review sites to prevent fake reviews from being published. These sites use ethical and professional tactics to identify and filter out fake reviews while posting authentic reviews for potential customers to see.

Reputation911 adds another layer of protection by checking reviews left on open ended sites to make sure they are real reviews sent from real customers with real IP addresses. If a fake review is detected, the legal team will challenge the review and work to have it taken down.

For more information about how to monitor and manage your online reviews and maintain your business reputation, contact Reputation911 at 866-MY-REP-911.

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