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Equal Opportunity Dirt: Remove Your Name from theDirty.Com

It isn’t hard to be exposed on  Much like and, the Dirty, as it’s called, specializes in one thing, slander. The sort of slander that revels in is equal-opportunity: it can tag your business or personal life, or both. And, as with, the accuracy of the information is beside the point. What is the point? Personal and professional denigration.

Remove my name from post

Remove your Name from post

Sites like the Dirty exist to destroy reputations, which they do with seeming glee. How does the site work? It’s simple enough; just visit the site, choose a user name and before you know it you too can slander or unfairly accuse someone or some business, without the slightest shred of proof. The Dirty isn’t really an expose’ site, as its owners would have you believe. It’s a “get-even” site, where falsehood can be concocted and displayed from whole cloth. It’s most definitely not a place you want to find your name and picture.

How to remove your name from and regain your Internet Reputation

Being on can be especially damaging if you are a legitimate business; you’re name shows up on the site and you and your business and personal name are suddenly at great risk. Once you lose your reputation, your business is at great risk.

So how do you remove your name from the Dirty? First, understand the terms of your dilemma. Your online reputation is damaged and needs to be restored. Restore your reputation and limit or eliminate the damage. But how? By using a Internet Reputation Management firm like

If you end up on any of the several online reputation damaging sites like, you’re not likely to do much on your own to correct the situation. The odds are too much against you; one or two false statements and you won’t be able to go it alone, thus the need for


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Searching Through Many Facets

The Internet has many facets that people simply don’t have time to explore fully. Blogging, micro-blogging, social networking, forums, video and image aggregation, and standard news websites are all places where opinions and information are exchanged online. This is what makes the Internet so engrossing–it has so many avenues in which to share and absorb information. The problem, of course, is that the Internet doe snot have a built in fact checker. Rather the opposite–it has built in anonymity which is guaranteed by law in most instances. While rumors and lies would probably spread fast enough without this guaranteed anonymity, it certainly helps to spur on the problem.

The Decision: Online Reputation Monitoring

Some people choose to monitor their reputations online. Others choose not to. Any Online Reputation Management expert in the industry will tell you that those who monitor their reputations online suffer from less ORM problems than those who don’t. They are made aware of the problem sooner and are better equipped to fight it. Even more importantly, individuals who actively monitor their reputations online deal with these issues less because they are not as easy to defame online. While anyone can write a negative blog post, those blog posts are only important if someone sees them. If the individual has a fortified online reputation with social networking profiles and articles about them showing up in Google already, then that negative blog post is very unlikely to ever warrant any attention at all.

White Noise As the Solution

Here at ORM Magazine we try to bring attention to those tools which can help to solve various issues. White Noise is a tool that does just that by monitoring chatter online. White Noise is a tool which clients can use to scan the Internet, all of it’s various facets, and discover what is being said about them online. This is an important function that few other tools can deliver upon capably. White Noise does it without all the extra bells and whistles that are not needed. However, with White Noise you get the tools you need in order to monitor your online reputation and see what the online chatter is really about.

The Joint Venture That Works

White Noise is a solution that was developed as a joint venture between The Solution Studio and Crooked House Strategy and Communications, two companies who had a need of this tool. Their clients were looking for affordable ways to monitor their online reputations and could not find a tool that truly met their needs. White Noise is that creation that solved that issue by offering a dynamic program that could search through the White Noise and find the meat of the issue.

Their goal is to help companies to become more self-sufficient regarding online reputation monitoring by empowering them to use the tools themselves. Tracking and analyzing online conversations and statements has never been made more simple. This is what makes White Noise as successful as it is.

-The Editor

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Mixing Statistics for Social Media 0

The New Field

Online reputation is a field that is not very well understood by many people. Most people think that an online reputation is just a curiosity–something people look at when they’re bored and don’t take seriously. However, consider this: If you are considering buying a product from two companies and one of them has a positive online reputation and the other has a severely negative reputation, which company will you be purchasing that product from? You can bet that 99 out of 100 people would choose the company with the more positive online reputation.

Dealing With the Issue

Individuals and companies who find that they have been defamed online, or that negative past results do not accurately reflect the positive present, will sometimes turn to online reputation tools, whether they are for monitoring or repairing their reputation online, for help. There are a wealth of these tools available online, but not all of them are actually effective. Even amongst the tools that are effective, not all of them are cost-effective. In other words, many of them are much more expensive than their utility deserves.

StatsMix As The Solution

One tool that is both cost effective and efficient is StatsMix. The idea behind this tool is to track, chart, and share social media statistics. The monitoring and analysis of social media has become a very important industry as of late as the Internet has risen in importance to the commercial world.

So what is StatsMix? Let’s look to the website itself.

StatsMix is a web-based service that makes it easy to track, chart, and share all your important metrics.

StatsMix is based in Boulder, Colorado and was recently a part of TechStars, a mentorship-driven seed stage accelerator.

About StatsMix

Tom Markiewicz, Derek Scruggs, and Sandy Rich make up the core leadership team at StatsMix. They have created a company that is dynamic and serves the interests of the clients well. They are not obsessed with over-complicating their software. Rather, they try to simplify their software to the point where any client can learn to use it within minutes. This makes StatsMix both functional and cost-effective. With all of the social media monitoring and analysis software out there, it is sometimes hard to differentiate between the software that is actually helpful, and the software that is simply a waste of money and time. StatsMix is the former, as multiple online reviews attest to.

Software Pricing

There are four pricing plans of StatsMix, ranging from “Developer”, which is free but offers only a limited number of features and tools, to “Pro”, which is only $99 per month and gives you full access to the entire software suite. The many tools you can find access to in the Pro plan will help to analyze and quantify any social media situation. Unlike many social media analyzers, there is no long term commitment involved when you pay for StatsMix, you can cancel your contract at any time. It’s a simple matter of paying for the service from month to month, without any longer-term contract. StatsMix is a software company that has met with considerable success because it cares about the needs of the clients first and foremost.

-The Editors

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The Warmth of Virility: Social Media Solutions 0

Ordering Pizza and How the Internet Is Involved

The Internet is an expansive source of information that many people look to for even the most basic reasons. If they are looking to order a pizza for dinner, people will often Google the nearest pizza places, whether they deliver, pricing schemes, coupons, customer reviews, etc. All of this information affects their decision on where to order pizza from, what kind of pizza to order, etc. If you do not think that the Internet is having a major impact on even non-Internet based businesses, then you can’t see the world around you as its changing.

The Many Avenues of Information

Blogs, forums, social networking, micro-blogging, review sites, and full-fledged articles; All of these act as important sources of information to the average consumer when they are comparing products, services, or companies. Keeping up with all of these methods of online communication would be quite difficult for one business to do, especially if that business is not some multi-national corporation that can devote an entire salary to doing just that, but is instead a small or medium sized business that simply can’t afford bad publicity online.

The Solution: Viralheat

Viralheat is a product that can help these companies, even the large ones, to deal with their online reputation issues by monitoring and analyzing the information that is gleaned from the Internet. Some of the companies and brands that makes use of Viralheat are the National Hockey League, Coca Cola, Tivo, HP, Microsoft, Nokia, ESPN, MTV, Disney, and Ebay. There are, of course, many more small and medium sized companies that take advantage of this high quality product too.

What Do They Look At?

Viralheat’s coverage of the online conversation extends to all manner of social media, including Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, Real-time Web, Youtube, and others. Of course, all of this information is useless to a customer if they don’t have a way to read the raw data and analyze it effectively. The in-depth analysis provided by Viralheat is very high quality. Furthermore, the Viralheat platform allows companies and brands to find their detractors and advocates online–people who are either trumpeting their positive aspects or saying negative things about them online. If a company or brand wants to understand how to have a more positive online image, this is a key step in the process.Viralheat makes the entire process easier and helps you to take the steps, one by one.

The Company

Viralheat is considered a social media measurement platform and ease of use and effectiveness are considered two of the top values for the company’s platform. Millions of blogs and websites are scoured, hundreds of video aggregation and uploading sites are searched, and social networking websites are constantly monitored in order to get the information that is necessary for Viralheat to give an accurate picture of a client’s online reputation to them at any given time.

Viralheat was co-founded by Raj Kadam and Vishal Sankhla in January 2009. The company has over 1500 customers in 70+ countries, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

-The Editor

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Social Media’s Control of the Reputation Online

Social media is not just connections between people online. It is a connection amongst people, businesses, organizations, groups, charities, common interests, etc. Most pronounced on sites like Facebook and Google+, social media occurs all over the Internet in various ways, through crowd-sourcing, through search engines, and of course through social networking.

Social media has become important in the business world because it leads to a great deal of information being shared that has an effect on the various businesses, organizations, and individuals who care about their reputations. Of course, virtually every business ought to care about their reputations, regardless of their size, industry, or location.

Regardless of Size

Whether it is a small company, a medium-sized company, or a multi-national corporation–reputation is important. Individuals look to a company’s reputation to tell them something about that company, their products, their services, the customer service, the owners, the history. The Internet is one of the main repositories of information that individuals turn to for help. They seek out more information by plugging a company or individual’s name into the search engine. Usually what they are met by is information provided by other users, not solely information from the searched-entity’s websites. What this means is that, for the most part, businesses and individuals are not in control of their own reputations.


If that concept scares you, it should. All companies (and generally speaking, individuals too) want to be in control of their reputations to whatever degree possible, so that they can help to shape the public perception of the business. Online reputation management is an industry that can help individuals, organizations, and companies to take more control of their online reputations and fight back against online defamation, untrue reviews, and underhanded comments from competitors. Online reputation management must be preceded by online reputation monitoring first.

The Company Offering Solutions

Cyveillance Solutions is a company that provides online reputation monitoring services. They call it “brand intelligence”, but it is the same concept. They are monitoring any online activity that mentions your brand, products, keywords, etc. Their brand intelligence program works on a near-realtime basis, meaning as soon as there is an issue, you will know of it.Cyveillance Solutions. The company has been around since 1997 and actually provides a number of IT and security-related services in addition to their brand intelligence service.

A High Quality Product

The importance of monitoring what people are saying about you, your company, or your products online cannot be overstated. Your reputation is how newcomers will judge your business and you may not ever get a shot if they already have a predisposition against you. The way to prevent this is to dilligently monitor your online reputation and fight back as effectively as possible. Cyveillance Solutions’ Brand Intelligence product is a high quality way to monitor and prepare to fight back against online defamation, as well as engaging customers in meaningful discussion about products and services.


This is a link to their brand intelligence page:

A Review of the product from Tech Biz Talk:

And finally, a little additional information about the company itself:



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