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Make Your Summer Content Marketing Strategy Sizzle 0

As spring turns to summer, it’s time to turn up the heat on your local business’ content marketing strategy!

Social media users are more likely to engage with your business online and spend money at your business when you’re sharing seasonal content. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get more customers in your door this summer!

Build buzz for your business this summer on social media — here is how!

Here are 4 things your business can do to raise the temperature on your content marketing strategy this summer:

Fit in on Facebook

With many people out of school for the summer and others taking their vacation time, there are many opportunities to fit your local business into potential and loyal customers’ daily activities.

Posting on Facebook is a great way to make sure your business is top-of-mind for people as they plan their days. Share content that makes your fans want to include your business in their activities.

For example:

If you’re a restaurant, try sharing a timelapse video of your most popular dish being made with the caption “What are you waiting for?”

If you’re a clothing store, share a photo of your favorite summer accessories with the caption “We know what you need to complete your outfit.”

Your online fans will warm up to the idea of being in-person fans when they can see themselves at your business!

Respond on Review Sites

About 80% of Americans are planning to hit the road this summer and explore a new city or state, and they turn to review sites to decide which local spots to visit.

Over half of customers who leave online reviews expect a response from your business, so make sure you give them one!

Responding to reviews will set your business apart online — you’ll keep your current customers happy and show new customers how much you’ll value their business.

Not sure how to respond to reviews online? Check out our Guide to Review Responses!

Talk on Twitter

When it comes to having conversations online, Twitter is a great place to have them!

People love hearing from brands on Twitter — 77% of users feel more positive about a business after talking to them online.

You should always respond to people who mention your business on Twitter using the @ symbol, and you can also find people to reach out to through Twitter’s Advanced Search.

Using Twitter’s Advanced Search is a breeze — learn more about Twitter outreach on our blog!

Inspire on Instagram

Instagram is a mobile-first platform, which means you can be with your customers everywhere they go, and, depending on what your business is posting, even encourage them to change their plans for the day to include you!

Your posts can make a difference — 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing a brand’s post or ad on the platform.

Make sure your photos are flawless and that your captions are top-notch with these tips!

Your photos will brighten up your followers’ days, who will then brighten yours by visiting your business!

Try these to make your followers associate summer with your brand!

If you’re a bar, post photos of your patio happy hours.

If you’re an activities and events business, share photos from your hiking tour or sunset cruise.

Mixing these content marketing tips into your strategy will make your business a hotspot this summer!

Sound like a lot of work? Let us do it for you! Learn more about partnering with Main Street Hub here.

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Father’s Day Spotlight: Account Manager Patrick Parrish 0

Ahead of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating some of our team’s awesome dads!

As a working father on Main Street Hub’s Customer Success Team, Account Manager Patrick Parish balances advising local business owners on all things social media with raising two wonderful kids.

Lucky for us, he found the time to sit down and talk to us about his children, work-life balance, and the joys of fatherhood:

Enzo, five years old, with his little sister Bianca, now two years old.

What’s your favorite thing about being a dad?

“My favorite thing about being a dad is that no matter what kind of day I have, I always come home to two little ones running to hug me and screaming, ‘Daddy!’ That’s the highlight of my day, every day.”

What are the biggest challenges of fatherhood?

“The biggest challenges are getting enough sleep and balancing schedules — especially now that Enzo is in school and has other activities.”

Can you tell us a funny story about a time that things did not go as planned with your little ones?

“There are too many to list. One of the things you’ll realize once you have kids is that plans are always flexible. Always. Almost nothing in life will go as planned.

“My wife and I like to travel a lot, so that means lots of road trips and time spent in the car. Drives that would normally take four or five hours can very easily turn into eight hours with kids. On our first road trip with Enzo, when he was about six months old, we were driving from Chicago to the Detroit area to visit my parents. Out of nowhere we smelled that smell. Changing a diaper and cleaning up a car seat on a very busy highway takes skill.”

How do you balance your career with the demands of fatherhood?

“Coffee, Main Street Hub’s flexible work schedule, and LOTS of love.”

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned since becoming a father?

“I’ve learned that nothing I’ll do in my life or contribute to the world is as important as how I raise my children. The way I go about my life and handle my job isn’t just for me anymore. I’m showing my kids how to be good people, how to be hard workers, and how to raise their children. Little eyes are always watching, and little ears are always listening. I have their hearts in my hand, and that is a very precious gift.”

Will your family be doing anything special for Father’s Day this year?

“They always surprise me with something fun. I don’t know what it is this year, I’m sure we’ll have a blast.”

Watch our amazing Account Management Team at work:

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When Is it Time to Hire a Marketing Agency? 0

Leaky pipe? Time to call a plumber.

Aching tooth? Time to call a dentist.

In some cases, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to call an expert. But when it comes to your small organization’s marketing function, deciding when to hire an outside agency can be a tough call.

You probably already realize that a marketing firm can help your company.

According to, marketing agencies provide small businesses with three key advantages:

  • You don’t need to onboard, train and manage them (like you would an employee).
  • You save lots of money on things like a marketing manager’s salary, payroll taxes and benefits, as well as expensive marketing management tools.
  • You have access to a team of marketing experts.

But when is it time to make the call – and hire an outside marketing firm?

Here are a few telltale signs:

  • You lack a clear strategy – or the resources to execute it.
    Marketing has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Creating a sound plan for success – especially in today’s digital world – requires expert knowledge, cutting-edge tools and substantial time. A marketing agency offers the high-level advice your business needs to develop a solid strategy, and then uses their expertise, proven methods and economies of scale to efficiently execute it.
  • It’s just not getting done.
    Out of necessity, marketing frequently gets pushed down the priority list. Or, maybe you just avoid marketing projects because you don’t like doing them. Regardless of the reason, a professional marketing firm ensures the right things get done, at the right time and in the right way.
  • Sales are flat.
    Despite having an excellent product/service, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, sales are flat (or declining). An outside agency takes an objective look at your business, and can help you adjust your marketing strategy to differentiate your company, target the right prospects, generate leads and improve the effectiveness of your sales efforts.
  • You don’t have the budget to hire someone.
    Hiring a marketing agency is typically much faster and cost effective than recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training and employing a full-time marketing professional. What’s more, an agency give you access to an entire team of experts – not just a single employee.

Once you decide you need to hire a marketing agency, how can you choose a great one?

Read this earlier post, “What Makes a Good Marketing Agency?

Or, just give BARQAR (bark-er) a call. Our digital and inbound marketing experts can help you create a world-class marketing strategy to build your brand, engage your audiences and drive sales.


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Freshly-Brewed Content Marketing Tips for Your Coffee Shop 0

As a local coffee shop owner, your business is often the most important part of a person’s day — over half of Americans say they’ll prioritize their morning cup of coffee over anything else and they won’t start their day without a cup.

Just like a good cup of coffee, your content marketing needs to be fresh, bold, and enjoyable.

Over 60% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee every day — try these 4 things make sure that cup is coming from your business:

1. Encourage people to check in at your business

When people are looking for new businesses to visit, one of the first places they look is their social media to see where their friends are visiting.

Every time one of your customers “checks in” to your business on Swarm (partner with Foursquare) or Facebook, that activity shows up in their friends’ feeds.

One of the easiest ways to get your brand in front of new eyes is to encourage your customers to check in — post signs by your register about where customers can check in online or include it on their receipts.

Find brand ambassadors

Social media is a powerful tool — 81% of Americans use it daily — which gives your business the opportunity to reach a lot of potential customers.

Staying active on your business’ social media pages is important, but finding brand ambassadors can help your business connect with even more people.

A brand ambassador is someone who represents and promotes a company — not only endorsing the products or services offered, but also acting as an extension of business’ brand and identity online. This could be a loyal customer, respected community member, or particularly popular employee.

Having brand ambassadors posting on your business’ behalf will extend your business’ reach online and add some extra flavor to your current social media strategy.

Not sure how to find a brand ambassador? Check out our guide!

Photos are your friend

One of the best things about coffee? The latte art.

Coffee photos are one of the most popular types of content on Instagram. Show off your baristas’ incredible art skills and your shop’s atmosphere.

Whenever you’re posting these photos on Instagram, make sure you include hashtags to increase your posts’ reach. Try some of these!

Make sure your captions are as captivating as your photo! Learn How to Write the Best Instagram Captions!

Run social media contests

Offering incentives for your current and potential coffee connoisseurs to engage with your business online is great way to increase your engagement.

The contests your business runs can be simple — ask followers to comment on a Facebook post with their favorite menu item and tag a friend, or ask them to retweet a tweet on Twitter.

The reward you give to the winner is totally up to you — try a free coffee drink of their choice or some coffee shop swag. You’ll delight your customers, get them engaged, and get new eyes on your brand.

Keeping your content marketing fresh will keep your customers enjoying your coffee shop online — which will translate to more people enjoying your coffee in-person!

Main Street Hub helps 10,000 local businesses build and develop strong online presences. Want to see how we can help your business? Get started with us here!

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