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Bad Marketers Have No Value (Proposition) 0

Smart Marketing … is built around a strong value proposition.

The term “value proposition” may be marketing jargon, but trying to drive sales without a well-defined one is like trying to drive a car blindfolded.

So, if you don’t know what a value proposition is (let alone how to write one for your business), let’s take that blindfold off.

First off, what IS a value proposition?

At a fundamental level, a value proposition is a clear statement of the value you deliver to customers. It answers the questions:

  • Why do customers buy from you? (i.e., What sets you apart from the competition?)
  • What problems do you solve? (i.e., How are your products or services relevant?)
  • How do you make people’s lives better? (i.e., What are the quantifiable benefits your products or services deliver?)

Secondly, here’s what a value proposition ISN’T:

  • A slogan or tagline.
  • A mission or vision statement.
  • A positioning message (although a value proposition can contain positioning statements).

What constitutes a great value proposition?

It should:

  • Make sense to people who aren’t your customers (yet).
  • Be written in the language of your target market.
  • Steer clear of clichés and esoteric language.
  • Directly answer the three questions at the beginning of this post.

Knowing your core value is fundamental to smart marketing.

It serves as the foundation for your sales and marketing strategy! Need help defining yours? Here are a few steps you can take to create a clear, concise and compelling value proposition that explains the benefit you provide to your target audience, and how you do it uniquely well:

  1. Define the product or service you sell – in as few words as possible, while still being accurate.
  2. Identify all the benefits your products or services provide. Seriously – make a list!
  3. Translate those benefits into value. Describe and quantify the value those benefits translate into for customers.
  4. Pinpoint what makes your offerings unique – and better than the competition. (To accomplish this, you have to know what your competitors are up to).
  5. Distill all of the information from steps 1 through 4 into a simple statement. Start with a clear headline describing the end benefits you deliver, as well as a supporting paragraph (or bulleted list, if that works better for you) that provides a detailed explanation of what you offer, to whom, and why.

Sounds simple, right?

Well it is…and it isn’t. Honestly, creating your value proposition is a weighty task, and it helps to have a marketing experts’ insight to ensure yours is compelling and accurate.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your company’s marketing or need help defining your value proposition, give BARQAR’s Smart Marketing experts a call today!

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Hubsters Makin’ Moves: Will Harrington, Account Manager 0

Will Harrington (left) volunteering with some Hubsters at a Main Street Hub Gives Back event!

Learn how our team members develop their career paths at Main Street Hub

When Account Manager Will Harrington moved to Austin, he didn’t quite have a career path in mind — but as soon as he found Main Street Hub, he knew he found one.

Will joined our team in December 2016 as a Platform Specialist, where he helped set up and optimize our customers’ profiles. After building relationships with some of the Account Managers on our Customer Success Team, Will fell in love with that role.

Will Challenged Himself to find a way to expand his skill set and use it in a way that could benefit our customers the most — so he transitioned onto our Customer Success Team in June 2017.

Get to know Will:

Tell us about yourself!

“I’m a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. I grew up in Wisconsin, but I’m a native Texan — it’s great to be returning to my roots.”

How did you find Main Street Hub?

“When I graduated college, I had a job managing a restaurant. Loved that job, but I wanted a fresh start so I moved in with my aunt here in Austin — jobless. I had no idea of where I was going to go. Over the next couple months, I found out about Main Street Hub, and I was intrigued.

“I’ve always loved local businesses and being a part of a community. It really appealed to me to work for a company where we made local heroes shine. I found Account Manager and Platform Specialist roles, and I applied to the Platform Specialist role — I’ve always been technically gifted. I like the backend of things and figuring out how things work. It was like real life legos for me.”

What career transitions have you made at Main Street Hub?

“Platform Specialist → Customer Support Specialist → Customer Support Operations → Account Manager”

What was your favorite part of each role?

“I’m a huge people person. The Platform Specialist Team is incredible. That group of people… the way we all worked together to solve problems. There’s a lot of behind-the scenes work that goes on to move our customers from the sale to producing content for them. It takes a lot of time and does require a lot of specialized knowledge. Digging into that was really cool.

“As a Customer Support Specialist, my job was to facilitate getting problems solved as fast as they could get solved — whatever needed to happen. It was cool to come onto a team that was created at the same time I joined the company.

“Customer Support Operations was a huge puzzle piece. It was a massive puzzle all day long to put things together, coordinate customer schedules with our Account Managers, and make things happen.

“Now as an Account Manager, I feel like I’m in my wheelhouse. I’m doing what I love to do. I get to talk to people and build relationships all day long and hear these awesome stories from local business owners across the country of why they love to do what they do. Getting to support them and show them off online and build their trust with us is a really fun thing to do.”

How did you make your career transition happen?

“I made it my point to meet as many people at the company. I was working with Sam Bagley [then, an Account Manager and now, Customer Success Trainer, Account Management] on an account. I got to know her and several other Account Managers, and I just asked ‘What do you do all day?’

“The more I learned about it, the more it sounded like what I wanted to do. I told my manager, Clement Carrington [Senior Team Lead, Platform Specialists] that I thought being an Account Manager would be a better use of my skills and abilities, and I could better serve the company.”

What’s one thing you learned that has helped you with all of your roles?

“You have to stay positive. There will be challenges and problems you cannot find a solution to, but you can still achieve success if you stay positive about it. Find joy in every day, and it makes everything else so much easier.”

Any advice for someone who wants to change their career path?

“If you plug in here, you can really learn how the company works.

“You have to chase your passions. I started off doing something I like and that I was good at, but now I’m doing something that I love.”

“Transfer for your passion, and talk to your manager. Main Street Hub is a place where your managers support you and want you performing at your best, even if that means changing some things up.”

What’s your favorite small business?

“I’m going to pick one for all of the places I’ve lived — Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin.

“My favorite place in Wisconsin is called Murf’s Frozen Custards. They have the best burgers and the best custard ever. It’s so good. It was right by my house, and I would go there all the time.

“Nashville. The Pancake Pantry. The best pancakes you’ll ever have. They’re so good. They’re only open for breakfast and, almost always, there’s a line around the corner every day of the week. There’s magic in that place.

“My favorite local business in Austin is Pieous, which is way out in South Austin. It’s wood-fired pizza. I’ve had Chicago pizza, and I’ve had New York pizza — I’ve had some good pizza — and this is some of the best pizza I have ever had.”

Want to level up your career? Check out our current job openings, and apply!

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Main Street Hub and BevSpot Present: Boost Your Profits 0

Tips to save you time and grow your business

Log on to any social media network, and one of the first things you’ll notice is how much people are talking about food and drinks.

For your local restaurant or bar, it’s easy to turn these buzz words into dollar signs!

“Often times, restaurant owners are so busy handling the day-to-day that they rarely have time to step back and identify very simple opportunities to increase efficiency and improve profits. This results in large opportunities for improvement with relatively small effort if the owner knows where to look,” says Rory Crawford, BevSpot Co-Founder and CEO.

With over 1.9 billion people using Facebook and over 313 million people using Twitter, there are a lot current and potential customers waiting to hear from your business!

Not sure what to post on Twitter and Facebook? Check out our Twitter Outreach Tips and our 5 Tips to Make Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page Appetizing!

“You can boost profits at your bar or restaurant with the help of Facebook,” says Emma Vaughn, Main Street Hub’s Local Outreach Representative. “You see your tasty food and your photo-worthy drinks every day in person. The next step is to put them online. Your loyal customers will be hungry for a visit and potential customers will be eager to check you out!”

Learn more from Emma and Rory about how to boost your profits and grow your business on social media:

Want to sign up for Emma’s next webinar? Reach out to Emma,, and don’t miss a thing!

Webinar This Week!

We teamed up with Podium to help your business tackle the tough social media questions. For example, “How often should I be posting on Facebook per week?,” “Is Twitter still relevant?,” and “Should I respond to all of my customer reviews?”

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How often you should post on social media and what times work best
  • How customer interactions can impact the entire customer journey
  • Tips to maintain consistent interactions with your customers
  • The importance of responding to every tag, mention, and review about your business

Register here to join in on Thursday, August 3 from 1–2pm ET (10–11am PT).

We know how much you have on your plate as a local business owner — learn more about how we can give you time back in your day here.

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Combat the Fake News Epidemic Through Online Reputation Management 0

The popular party game, “two truths and a lie” played upon friends’ inability to distinguish truth from fiction. It amused soiree attendees with exaggerated truths and outright falsehoods, blended among…

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