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90%+ of your customers are influenced by the cleanliness of your business 0

“As a customer, is the cleanliness of a business an important factor for you when deciding whether you will be a repeat customer or not?”

Ipsos asked over 1,000 people this question and almost all of them said “yes”. That’s 92% of your potential customers who said the cleanliness of your business will affect their decision to return. And it doesn’t have to be first-hand knowledge. 90% said that simply reading a review that mentioned poor housekeeping would be enough to keep them from trying out a new place.

Before we go any further, maybe you should take a look around; run a wet cloth over that table, pick up that candy wrapper that missed the trash can. . . and do we even need to talk about the state of your restroom?

42% of those surveyed said a filthy restroom was the most off-putting issue, second only to foul smells.

If the foul smell is coming from the restroom, 75% said they’d leave the establishment immediately. Then, 73% would go online and leave a bad review.

If your place is just a little dirty, you might get away with it, as long as you’re not a doctor, restaurant or hotel. 90% of those surveyed said they’d actually consider changing doctors if the waiting room was always filthy. Almost everyone said they’d ask to be moved to a different room if the bedding was dirty (and probably choose a different hotel next time) and 93% would request a different table if the busboy did a bad job cleaning up after the previous diners.

Most of the concerns stem from horror stories consumers have heard about food borne illnesses and people getting sick after staying at a hotel but this isn’t all about germs. The survey respondents put “fingerprints on windows or mirrors” as the 3rd most disturbing issue, even worse (just slightly) than encountering dirty or unkempt workers.

The point of all of this is that customers notice; they notice the dust, the ketchup splash, the empty toilet paper roll and the litter in the parking lot. It all goes into their decision to stay and do business, return with more business and what kind of review they’ll leave your business for all the world to see. Because cleanliness isn’t just about health and safety, though those are primary concerns. It’s about respect for your customers and your ability to serve them properly. What does it say about you if you’re scribbling estimates on the back of an old envelope or handing over reports with grease stains from lunch?

We’re all short on time and money – two things you need to keep a business truly clean. But letting it go and hoping to get by on your talent and /or charm is going to cost you more in lost business than the nightly wage of a good janitorial crew.

No more dirty, little secrets, clearly your company’s reputation is riding on you coming clean.

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Private Investigator Internet & Cybercrime Services 0

Rexxfield’s Private Investigator Internet & Cybercrime Services can drastically reduce litigation expenses. We do this by bypassing archaic evidence discovery procedures through the subpoena process, by using social and digital forensics to positively identify the individuals responsible for civil and criminal wrongdoing using Internet technologies. There been cases for which we have saved many tens […]
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Finding Comfort & Community 0

By Robert Slack

Robert Slack joined the Main Street Hub Team almost two years ago. As a Platform Specialist, Robert helps our local heroes establish a presence across several social media platforms and gain access to existing accounts in the business’ name.

This El Paso, Texas native developed a love for wrestling growing up, and after moving to Austin, he decided to try his hand at wrestling himself. Learn how he discovered community at a local wrestling academy, which is now one of his favorite local businesses!

There has been one constant in my life: wrestling. I remember Monday nights as a kid sitting by the TV with my family as we watched my favorites on WCW Monday Nitro. I saw the likes of Diamond Dallas Page, the people’s champion strut down the stage. Chris Jericho, making me laugh with his ridiculous haircuts, and even Hollywood Hulk Hogan boasting about what a cool bad guy he was.

After I found myself in Austin, Texas, I was having a bit of a tough time with work and life. My confidence was pretty much nonexistent. I needed something to get me out of that funk. Naturally, I returned to wrestling.

I found a local wrestling academy, America’s Academy of Professional Wrestling, which is operated by George De La Isla (known as Mr. Mexico in his heyday). I called George and was greeted by the most enthusiastic human being I’ve ever heard. He’s been in the business for nearly 50 years. He told me stories of wrestling Andre The Giant and teaming with Rowdy Roddy Piper in the 70s.

Me, dressed in full gimmick

I started my training feeling terrified. The gunshot-like sounds of people hitting the ring greet you every time you enter the academy. The full-sized wrestling ring is housed in a garage space and took up most of the room. I could hear coaches shouting encouragement as wrestlers did pushups in the ring.

After class, George sat us all down ringside. He talked to us about believing in ourselves. He emphasized how important it is to trust yourself and to be fearless. He said that believing in yourself and respecting others is what the business is all about. He was right — wrestling helped restore my confidence and helped me believe I could do something I never thought I could.

AAPW has been training wrestlers in the Austin area for over 35 years. Like many local businesses do, the academy successfully brings people from all walks of life together — in this case, to learn the art of professional wrestling. I’m grateful for the confidence I’ve found through wrestling and the community I’ve become a part of.

Learn more about our team’s love for local here!

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The Importance of Employer Branding in the Hiring Process 0

The success of any business is largely driven by its ability to seek out and retain the best talent. However, that’s not likely to happen if your company’s reputation as an employer is not up to scratch. When it comes to recruitment and human resources, you’ll probably hear the term ‘employer branding’ being bandied around […]

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Online Marketing Tips You’ll Be Thankful For 0

Get your small business ready for Thanksgiving

As one of the biggest holidays celebrated in the United States, there is a huge opportunity for your small business to connect with new customers and strengthen relationships with current ones.

Letting the Thanksgiving holiday inspire your online marketing strategy will help your small business create content your audience will gobble up.

Whether you’re a retail store advertising your Black Friday specials, a restaurant encouraging people to skip the cooking and come in for Thanksgiving dinner, or an auto shop encouraging car owners to tune up their cars before they hit the road to see family, follow these 3 online marketing tips:

Focus on Giving Back

Thanksgiving is a holiday that people associate with gratitude and charity. Make your customers associate these sentiments with your local business by giving back to your community and your customers.

Whether you’re donating to local charity organizations or organizing events at your business, your customers will feel even better about visiting your business knowing they’re giving back at the same time!

Not sure where to get started? Read more on our blog about volunteering and charity initiatives your business can organize and how to Connect With Your Community.

Post Visual Content

Ahead of Thanksgiving, a great way to stand out in your customers’ social media feeds is to share high-quality, visual content in your posts.

Whether that’s a photo of your staff, a video thanking your customers for their patronage, or a boomerang showing off your product, posts that are visual get more engagement online and your audience is 3x more likely to remember your business in the days to come!

For some great visual inspiration, check out these 5 small businesses who are ahead of the game on Instagram.

Make Customers Feel Like Family

As a local business, you have the unique opportunity to get to know your customers — familiar faces become friends and most of your customers have a “usual.” Think of how you treat your friends and family around the holidays, and treat your customers the same way!

Wish your customers a “Happy Thanksgiving!” on social media, through email, or even text message, and consider even offering your loyal customers a holiday gift.

Do you have a loyalty program in place at your business? Learn how to build a successful one from our friends at Thanx!

Thanksgiving is a great time to show your customers and community how thankful your business is for their support!

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Online Marketing Tips You’ll Be Thankful For was originally published in Main Street Hub on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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