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Digital Insights Expert

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Our growing Digital Advertising team is looking for a Digital Insights Expert to add to the growing team. This role will manage analytics by tracking, measuring, analyzing and reporting insights into the campaigns. The Digital Insights Expert will be required to understand the goals and objectives of the client and implement a campaign strategy for the client’s success. This position will be in direct communication with clients, partners and the internal teams. Customer service is at the core of our business, so this candidate will need to have amazing communication skills, experience in Digital Advertising and be able to converse with the client to understand and sometimes help develop their goals.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 2 years of Google Analytics experience
  • Certification in Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords
  • Understanding of Google Tag Manager
  • Understand website optimization, testing and targeting
  • Desire to work in a small team and achieve results
  • Very strong computer and internet skills
  • Ability to work independently and quickly, but precisely and meet all deadlines
  • Creativity is a plus, Analytical is a must
  • Experience working in a fast paced environment and the ability to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.


  • Audit, implement and optimize Google installations on both internal landing pages as well as external advertiser website.
  • Develop optimization strategies used in campaigns.
  • Determine, based on data, what advertising tactics (facebook, adwords, etc) are working and which are not.
  • Monitor campaign effectiveness and make recommendations to customers that result in effective advertiser solutions
  • Interpret digital campaign reports and account performance data.
  • Develop and provide customer focused communications on campaign performance including, effectiveness, targeting and strategy.
  • Liaise with web production, sales, marketing and analytics regarding planning and prioritization to assist in execution of the campaigns
  • Work collaboratively with the sales team to recommend campaign modifications for optimal results
  • Cultivate positive professional relationships with clients, vendors and internal teams

Why Vendasta

Vendasta’s platform empowers agencies and media companies to grow their sales of marketing solutions for small and medium-size businesses. Our system identifies hot leads who are interested in the products you offer and allows you to provide scalable tools at the right price and service model when businesses are ready-to-buy.

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Premium Partner Success Manager (Account Executive) 0

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Premium Partner Success Manager (Account Executive)

Remote – Europe

As a Account Executive, you will be responsible for growing Vendasta’s European Partners. You will be given a roster of Partners to build relationships with and support in a variety of ways. This may include (but is not limited to): weekly calls, conducting training (product and sales), communicating product and platform updates, proactively working with partner on best practices, sales plans, go-to-market strategies and numerous other initiatives. You are the owner of these partners and the person ensuring their success. The ideal candidate has a deep understanding of growing a book of business, is highly effective in customer service and also has deep understanding of the platform and Vendasta partners.

This position is located in the London, UK area. All applicants must be able to legally work in the United Kingdom.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • High standards of performance for self; assuming responsibility and accountability for success by self-imposed standards of excellence.
  • Proper phone etiquette and the ability to speak and write clearly and accurately. Superior communication skills and team attitude, you have to be a team player at heart and have that outgoing spark that can create solid relationships with our partners.
  • Deals effectively with others in antagonistic situations, using appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict.
  • Can clearly convey and receives information and ideas, through a variety of media, to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience, helping them understand and retain the message.
  • Organized and attentive to detail This position requires detail-oriented work, and with the high volume of work that we have, organization is essential.
  • Makes customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions; developing and sustaining productive customer relationships.
  • Ability to read between the lines – know how to answer the questions not being asked and identify opportunities for upsells


  • Showing partners how to generate revenue and become successful with the Vendasta Platform, foundational Products and Marketplace
  • Providing exceptional service and training for assigned partners
  • Maintaining product knowledge and awareness of developments (being able to brief partners as necessary)
  • Coordinating feedback from partners on product development suggestions
  • Working with the team to come up with plans and initiatives that will drive partner success and help Vendasta reach our revenue goals
  • Traffic controller for the partner ensuring all issues are passed on and dealt with accordingly (billing, tech support etc.).
  • Onboarding all new partners (includes white label set-up and training – but technical aspects will be completed by support)

Why Vendasta

Vendasta’s platform empowers agencies and media companies to grow their sales of marketing solutions for small and medium-size businesses. Our system identifies hot leads who are interested in the products you offer and allows you to provide scalable tools at the right price and service model when businesses are ready-to-buy.

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Vendor Operations – Marketplace 0

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Vendor Operations – Marketplace

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Do numbers, focused analysis and commitment to ensuring success get you out of bed in the morning? Vendasta is looking for a Vendor Operations Manager to join our fast-growing Marketplace division. We manage large volumes of vendor product orders/activations across a broad spectrum of Vendors. Our candidate must be hungry to learn and contribute to the Marketplace ecosystem.

As the Vendor Operations Manager for the Vendasta Marketplace, your responsibility is to ensure that the full order-to-cash fulfillment process is monitored and running to set performance standards. When a KPI shows a trend, positive or negative, your role will be to address Vendors and internal teams.


  • Provide exceptional communication with Vendors to confirm orders as products are activated.
  • Represent both Vendasta as well as each vendor’s voice professionally, as well as respect privacy and confidentiality.
  • Ensure Vendor fulfillment SLA’s are met or exceeded.
  • Track activations, deactivations, upgrades, products, & Vendor performance.
  • Work closely with Vendasta’s Finance team to ensure all Vendors contracts are properly compensated.
  • Optimize our current fulfillment processes from end-to-end.


  • Provide 100% timely fulfillment for all vendor orders
  • Management of order exceptions to resolution
  • Scaling cost and efficiency of order management and workflow capabilities
  • 100% Vendor compliance to meet and exceed delivery and quality SLA’s

Why Vendasta

Vendasta’s platform empowers agencies and media companies to grow their sales of marketing solutions for small and medium-size businesses. Our system identifies hot leads who are interested in the products you offer and allows you to provide scalable tools at the right price and service model when businesses are ready-to-buy.

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How to Onboard Your Selected Search Agency [Checklist] 0

How to Onboard Your Selected Search Agency [Checklist] was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips.

Whether for the first time or the tenth, reducing the ramp up period when onboarding a new SEO agency is going to save you time and money. Plus, an effective onboard process lays the path to a productive partnership.

There are two parts to effectively onboarding a selected new agency:

1. Educating your agency about your business, and
2. Understanding their process, workflow and digital strategy for your business.

Here you’ll find a checklist and expanded description of checklist items for both steps.

Search Agency Onboarding Checklist

1. Educating Your New Agency

At my agency, we use a new client questionnaire to build a brand brief for all our clients. Whether you or your agency is compiling the brief, the end product should provide clear answers on your audience, marketplace, competitors, marketing strategy and history, unique differentiators, and success metrics.

To get to know everything about one another, you’ll want to share everything about how you work and learn everything about your new agency’s processes. Even before your first meeting, put together a brand brief about your business to give to your agency.

Here’s your checklist for educating your new agency.

✓ Company overview
✓ Value proposition
✓ Competition and positioning
✓ Goals and KPIs for digital marketing
✓ Analytics setup and KPI tracking
✓ Website hosting and CMS
✓ History of marketing campaign service providers
✓ Audience
✓ Brand voice and messaging
✓ Writing style and tone
✓ Types of content
✓ Any other context

Company overview: Along the way from interviewing the prospective agency to inking the deal, you’ve given the 30-second elevator pitch of your business to people at your new agency, for example, their sales team. This brief is a great way to assure communication of your company’s background to your new agency’s operations team.

Value proposition: What sets you apart from anyone else in your industry or selling a similar product or service? What value do your customers hold when they align themselves with your business?

Competition and positioning: Who are your main competitors that court the same audience as you do? How do you position yourself as distinct within your industry?

Goals and KPIs for your digital marketing: What concrete and defined goals would you like accomplished through your SEO and digital marketing activities? What will you use to measure project success?

Analytics setup and KPI tracking: What analytics software is in place to track the accomplishment of your goals and KPIs? What formal conversions and microconversions are being tracked in your analytics setup?

Website hosting and CMS: How and where is your website hosted and content managed? Will your SEO agency have access to the system?

History of marketing campaign service providers: Who have you worked with before — agencies and vendors — for content, SEO, SEM, web development, design and other digital marketing work? Can you summarize the projects and what worked and didn’t work about them? Be sure to explain if you’ve ever suffered a traffic loss.

Audience: Describe everything you know about your customers — demographics, what they value, what they need and want. Of course there could be a few different types of customers who you speak to.

Brand and messaging: What exercises have you performed to clearly state what your brand stands for and the voice and messaging you use to convey it in graphics and text?

Writing style and tone: Humor, authority, stories, complexity of language — what guidelines can you convey to your SEO agency that communicates the tone of the brand? Inform them of any words that are taboo.

Types of content: What do you want your agency to know about the content you’ve created before and of competitors’ content you’d either like to emulate or avoid?

Any other context: If there’s anything else of note to convey to your agency, this is the place to include it.

2. Understanding Process, Workflow and Strategy

Step 2 of onboarding a new agency is finding out their process and workflow in order to create an expectation for receiving deliverables and responses for requests. You’ll need to get a concrete outline of the search strategy they will be using for your site.

Soon after selection of your agency, you want to become familiar with the inner workings and processes of your analysts and others on your production team, expanding your knowledge of the selected agency beyond their sales team that you’ve been speaking to before this. Here’s your checklist for understanding the process, workflow and strategy to be driving your search campaigns.

✓ What is the timeline of deliverables?
✓ How often is the project plan updated?
✓ How often will you be in communication?
✓ What processes do they have for editing your website?
✓ What schedules and forms do they have for reviewing new content and design changes?
✓ How do their capabilities for implementing recommendations align with your needs?
✓ What commitment to service do they make?
✓ Is your SEO a senior or a junior analyst?

What is the timeline of deliverables? When can you expect to see the project plan, have scheduled calls, and receive audits and reports? Do they run in sprints? You want to understand their tactical scheduling.

How often is the project plan updated? As a living and evolving document, at what interval will the project plan be updated? This is strategic in nature and is key to accomplishing your project goals and KPIs.

How often will you be in communication? What is the communication cadence of your agency team members? How often can you expect to hear from them? How quickly can you expect to hear back from them when needed? Is there a dedicated point of contact for your project?

What processes do they have for editing your website? Do they work through your staff to avoid errors? By a similar turn, what do their processes look like for evaluating links, server performance and other SEO levers?

What schedules and forms do they have for reviewing new content and design changes? In what format can you expect to receive new content or site edits? How are recommended changes tracked as the document passes hands?

How do their capabilities for implementing recommendations align with your needs? Who and what is available regarding labor and resources for education, mentoring, development, content and so on?

What commitment to service do they make? What assurance do they make regarding your dedicated staff and the meeting of your KPIs?

Is your SEO a senior or a junior analyst? How many years of experience do members of your team have? As a point of context, Malcolm Gladwell famously said it takes ten thousand hours of practice to become an expert.

Keys to a Good Partnership

It’s been said before, but the key to a lasting relationship is communication. Ensure you’re communicating with your partner and they with you, and come prepared to do the work to see the gains you want.

Other resources:

We can help your team as an invested partner in your SEO success. Our services are tailor-made to match your goals and audience. For results-driven digital marketing, let’s talk.

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The One Thing Your Business Can Immediately Take Away from Google I/O 0

The One Thing Your Business Can Immediately Take Away from Google I/O was originally published on, home of expert search engine optimization tips.

Google leads the world in technological advances that affect the way we live and do business. At the Google I/O developer conference this week, we glimpse a preview of how people will interact with computing in the near future.

Google I/O conference

Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA, scene of the 2017 Google I/O conference

Kicking off the conference, CEO Sundar Pichai opened a two-hour keynote to a packed audience of developers, tech reporters and others who were joined by viewers in 85 countries watching online to hear what was new from the tech giant, including one overarching announcement:

We have shifted from a mobile first to an AI first world.

This shift into an “artificial intelligence first” world will impact the way customers find your business AND the way you interact with those customers.

Many articles no doubt list the many Google feature announcements coming out of the I/O conference. But here, we zero in on something that all business owners should be aware of as we move forward into this AI-powered, machine learning-based new world…

Focus on solving user problems

One thing becomes clear as you watch the tech giant unveil feature after feature: Each new product is designed to solve a problem. You could say this is the key to Google’s success.

During yesterday’s keynote alone, Google announced many coming AI-enabled features that exemplify this problem-solution strategy. Here are just a few.

  • Google Assistant will be much more connected, even allowing people to type their interactions through a phone instead of speaking them — because there are times you don’t want people to overhear what you’re saying.
  • Google Photos is getting Photo Sharing, a new feature that can recognize people in your photo and proactively suggest sending them the file — because people have a problem following through and sharing their photos.
  • Google Visual Positioning Service will be able to guide your indoor movements through a store such as Lowes to help you find what you want — which solves a big problem for visually impaired people, not to mention the rest of us who need help navigating aisles.
  • Google Lens is a fascinating new AI feature that takes visual identification to new heights. In one application, Lens can remove obstructions in front of a subject, such as a chain link fence (see demo tweeted below), and fill in the missing elements — because people want to be able to take better pictures.

Let’s apply Google strategy to your business. In a nutshell:

Your greatest opportunities as a business are probably hiding under the cloak of user problems.
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To find the opportunities awaiting discovery for your own business, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What do people complain about in my industry? Complaints expose problems just waiting for a new product, service or technology to solve. This kind of negative feedback also provides clues for how to best engage your prospective customers.
  2. What is difficult or time-consuming for prospective customers to accomplish today? In addition to listening for pain points, also just observe. Look for processes that everyone just accepts, but which require a lot of time and effort to do.

If your business innovates a solution to a problem, you can make people’s lives or jobs easier, potentially jump ahead of your competition, and grow your business.

But even if you’re not going to invent the next great product, by understanding people’s needs better you can offer solutions more effectively. Your marketing campaigns will ring truer (and have better click-through rates!) if they come from a point of empathy.

Solving people’s problems underlies the majority of Google’s advancements. Make it your business’s mantra, too.

Note: You can watch Google I/O to see various presentations live May 17–19 (check out the schedule here).








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