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Social Media’s Control of the Reputation Online

Social media is not just connections between people online. It is a connection amongst people, businesses, organizations, groups, charities, common interests, etc. Most pronounced on sites like Facebook and Google+, social media occurs all over the Internet in various ways, through crowd-sourcing, through search engines, and of course through social networking.

Social media has become important in the business world because it leads to a great deal of information being shared that has an effect on the various businesses, organizations, and individuals who care about their reputations. Of course, virtually every business ought to care about their reputations, regardless of their size, industry, or location.

Regardless of Size

Whether it is a small company, a medium-sized company, or a multi-national corporation–reputation is important. Individuals look to a company’s reputation to tell them something about that company, their products, their services, the customer service, the owners, the history. The Internet is one of the main repositories of information that individuals turn to for help. They seek out more information by plugging a company or individual’s name into the search engine. Usually what they are met by is information provided by other users, not solely information from the searched-entity’s websites. What this means is that, for the most part, businesses and individuals are not in control of their own reputations.


If that concept scares you, it should. All companies (and generally speaking, individuals too) want to be in control of their reputations to whatever degree possible, so that they can help to shape the public perception of the business. Online reputation management is an industry that can help individuals, organizations, and companies to take more control of their online reputations and fight back against online defamation, untrue reviews, and underhanded comments from competitors. Online reputation management must be preceded by online reputation monitoring first.

The Company Offering Solutions

Cyveillance Solutions is a company that provides online reputation monitoring services. They call it “brand intelligence”, but it is the same concept. They are monitoring any online activity that mentions your brand, products, keywords, etc. Their brand intelligence program works on a near-realtime basis, meaning as soon as there is an issue, you will know of it.Cyveillance Solutions. The company has been around since 1997 and actually provides a number of IT and security-related services in addition to their brand intelligence service.

A High Quality Product

The importance of monitoring what people are saying about you, your company, or your products online cannot be overstated. Your reputation is how newcomers will judge your business and you may not ever get a shot if they already have a predisposition against you. The way to prevent this is to dilligently monitor your online reputation and fight back as effectively as possible. Cyveillance Solutions’ Brand Intelligence product is a high quality way to monitor and prepare to fight back against online defamation, as well as engaging customers in meaningful discussion about products and services.


This is a link to their brand intelligence page:

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