Finding Success in Sales

Why Sales Representative Kim Mejia and Sales Manager Sarah Eubank love being part of the Main Street Hub Team

At Main Street Hub, we pride ourselves on creating a world-class Sales Team to educate local businesses on our best-in-class product. From the minute our new Sales Reps walk into the door, we set them up for success.

Kim Mejia joined our ATX Sales Team as a Sales Rep in November 2016 and works hard to level up every day. Sarah Eubank joined the team in January 2017 as a Sales Rep and through hard work, dedication, and determination, was recently promoted to Sales Manager. These two love helping local businesses every day and living our company values.

Get to know Kim and Sarah — learn their secrets for success and why they couldn’t be happier to be part of the Main Street Hub Team:

Tell us about yourselves!

Kim Mejia

Kim Mejia, Sales Representative: “I come from a marketing background. My father owned an advertising agency when I was a kid — it’s just in my DNA. I’m from El Paso, Texas, and I moved to Florida for a few years before moving here. I’ve been in Austin for about 15 years now and at Main Street Hub for six months. I love sales — I love helping business owners grow their business. It’s been my passion my whole life since I watched my dad do it.”

Sarah Eubank

Sarah Eubank, Sales Manager: “I’m from Dallas, Texas. I made my way to Austin when I went to The University of Texas at Austin, and I stayed here after graduation. I couldn’t leave — I love Austin so much. I’ve been here about 10 years now. Everything about this job is really great for me. I’ve been here for four months, and I just got promoted to Sales Manager.”

What drew you to Main Street Hub?

Kim: “I’ve been doing online marketing since it was born, and I knew I had to stay with the technology. When local businesses don’t have their platforms properly optimized, I know that it’s problematic, and I wanted to help.”

Sarah: “I found out about Main Street Hub from Mike Pierce [Senior Sales Director]. We had mutual friends, and he told me the company was hiring. I told him, ‘I’ve worked in the corporate world before, and I don’t want to work for a company unless you tell me they’re moving fast, there are opportunities for people, and it’s a great work environment, and I’ll enjoy every second. He said, ‘That’s everything here at Main Street Hub.’”

“I’m here, I love it, and I’m so thankful.”

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What was your favorite thing about your training and onboarding experience?

Kim:Cory Terre [ATX Sales Training Specialist]. Cory is amazing. His energy is amazing. It’s a great first impression. Training was a great learning experience — you think you know social media until you come to Main Street Hub, and you learn how social media benefits local businesses in ways you couldn’t even imagine. The energy Cory brings to the table is unbelievable.”

“As soon as you walk in, you can feel the energy flowing through the building.”

Sarah: “I think the trainers did a great job of explaining our product and how it works. I love all the information they gave us. They really wanted to make sure we were well-equipped before we started making phone calls. I love how much Main Street Hub really invests in their training program. They really want to make sure we have as much information as possible.

“This company attracts the best people. This is a great company.”

What’s the most rewarding part of being on the Main Street Hub Team?

Kim: “There are so many rewarding things — and it’s not the snacks! (laughs) It’s the people. Just being surrounded by so many optimistic and positive people. There’s always someone to elevate you. That’s a really unique thing, especially in a sales environment.”

Sarah: “I love that we have the best product in the space. I don’t just say that because I work here, but because I hear it from local business owners who give us a shot and have used other products, who refer other people to use our products. I always hear, ‘This is the best thing ever.’

“I also appreciate our Co-CEOs’ [Andrew Allison and Matt Stuart] involvement. They’re in the ATX Sales Office all the time, and they’re always transparent and keep us informed about our goals, targets, and how we’re doing.”

What is your key to success?

Kim: “My manager Hannah Ashcroft — she’s amazing. She’s very good at giving me honest feedback and coaching. I have to give myself a shoutout because I’m coachable. The managers here are so good at giving constructive feedback and being real people. It’s not just a Manager/Rep relationship — it’s a friendship.”

Sarah: “I think keeping a positive attitude is my key to success. I’ve always been a really happy person, and I look at the brighter side of every situation. Staying positive and Elevating Others is what helps me.”

What is your favorite local business and why?

Sarah:888 on Oltorf. I love their pho, which is a vietnamese soup. I found 888 about a year-and-a-half ago. I eat it all the time — whenever I go in there and sit down, they just bring me out a bowl of the seafood pho I always order. It’s a big bowl of seafood and hot soup, and it’s so good. I’ll probably go get some tonight.”

Kim: “It’s Frieze Automotive. I always joke that my relationship with the owner, Greg Frieze, is the longest I’ve had. I’ve been going to his shop for 15 years. He’s an honest mechanic. He always explains my problems, the parts he’s using, everything. He’s just a genuinely good person.”

What Main Street Hub value resonates you with the most?

Sarah: “I love all the values but my favorite is Reverence for Local Business. I think if you live that value each day, local business owners can hear that and tell how much you care about their business.”

Kim: “My favorite is Elevate Others. I love elevating other people because I know how it feels just to get a hug out of the blue or hear some kind words. It’s such a unique thing to bring to the table. Everyone treats everyone like family here.”

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