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Back (L to R): Qingqing Ouyang, Valerie Pearcy, Nicole Cornelson; Front (L to R): Jenn Bacon, Alicia Dixon, Andrea Maher

Learn how our leaders lead

Every leader has their own style that is a byproduct of everyone they’ve worked with and learned from.

Our leaders at Main Street Hub come from a variety of backgrounds — everyone brings something different, exciting, and educational to the table.

Get to know some of our leaders, how they lead, and what they consider their biggest professional accomplishment:

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Can you describe your leadership style and the qualities that help you engage others?

Valerie Pearcy, VP, Content: “I’m naturally curious, which leads me to ask a lot of questions. Asking questions hopefully teaches people around me that I’m interested in what they do and care about how it all fits together, which in turn tends to encourage people to share insights more proactively.

“While I tend to be pretty direct in both decision-making and communication, I believe providing context for the WHY is critical. I’m logical enough to understand that no single action can or will make everybody happy. I’m committed enough to make tough decisions, but I try very hard to also be empathetic enough to realize the potential impacts and address those proactively.

“While it’s not the most enjoyable part of a leadership role for me, I’ve come to believe that stepping into, rather than around, conflict is the easiest path forward. Conflict, handled constructively and with an assumption of positive intent, is healthy and gets things done! Talking about things before they fester takes less energy and accomplishes more positive results.

“Also, to me nothing else beats just being visible and genuinely available. I’ve never felt above the work done within any of the teams I’ve led, and you can’t fake that. I’m also pretty quick to laugh at myself, so I’d feel lost without humor on most days.”

Alicia Dixon, VP, People: “I tend to have a collaborative and servant leadership style — one that leads by example and takes the ideas and thinking of others and helps meld them into the best ideas for the situation and the business.”

Jenn Bacon: “I consider myself a growth leader — I enjoy finding ways to grow my team, the business, and the culture. Earning people’s trust is imperative. I do this by being honest — even when the truth can be hard to hear. I do my best to lead from a place of good-will, authenticity, and experience. I think it’s important to find out what each person’s personal and professional goals are and then, get on the same path and start marching with them on their journey until we achieve their goals.”

Andrea Maher, Director of Operations Excellence: “I would describe my leadership style as interested in the details, yet direct and constructive. I engage others by sharing recommendations and opinions based on data, a series of questions, or experience. Asking questions is important, but they must lead somewhere.”

Nicole Cornelson, Director of Software Engineering: “I work every day to embody servant leadership. Speaking to people, valuing their opinion, and working to improve how to communicate and interact one-on-one are all critical. Its very important to listen, ask a lot of questions about their lives in order to learn what motivates them, asking what skills they want to develop and discussing overall areas for improvement. If you work to first develop others as a priority of leadership, the results will be profound. ”

Qingqing Ouyang, SVP, Engineering: “Despite getting asked this question often, I am still working on how to best describe my leadership style. I’ve taken many quizzes, surveys, and personality tests to ‘decide’ what my style is, and I don’t completely agree with any of their conclusions. For example — I am not a complete pragmatist who is driven by results and hitting goals above all else. Nor am I a diplomat who always opts to avoid conflict and values harmony over putting people through challenges. I am neither and both. I am constantly evaluating what the best way to solve a problem may be. Depending on the environment, the people involved, and the situation at hand, I always choose to do what makes sense. I would like to see results and support my team to tackle the challenges head on.”

Back (L to R): Qingqing Ouyang, Valerie Pearcy, Nicole Cornelson; Front (L to R): Jenn Bacon, Alicia Dixon, Andrea Maher

What do you consider one of your greatest successes/accomplishments so far?

Valerie: “In a professional context, I am most proud of the people I have hired, mentored, or worked closely with who have gone on to bigger and better things (however each has defined that). If I’ve played even a small part in that A to B journey, that’s something I would consider an accomplishment.”

Alicia: “Inspiring others to achieve. By far the best feeling is watching someone you have hired, grow into a new role and/or reach their goals.”

Jenn: “I find the work I do is gratifying because it challenges me and because I get to help others grow themselves and their career. However, I am most proud of the fact that I am a smart, strong, sincere, funny, kind, and joyous person who lives life to the fullest every day. I am a great daughter, sister, friend, coworker, and leader. This is all that matters.”

Andrea: “Creating and guiding rock star teams who not only add tremendous value to the company they serve but are considered thought leaders across the company and truly enjoy their jobs by constantly rebalancing challenge and skillsets.”

Nicole: “Consistently working on the career development of new (fresh graduate) engineers as they come into this industry. I consider my success directly reflective of the success of others. Every winning company, project, or product is fueled by a team of people making it happen. Helping people grow and develop in order to see how their success maps back to the results of the company or product, brings it all together. Progress matters and taking the time to look at that progress instills confidence and shows areas for growth.”

Qingqing: “Hands down, the Engineering Team at Main Street Hub. I am very proud of what this team has achieved in the last three years. From bringing more modern and scalable architecture to the company and driving sophisticated data driven decisions to innovating on machine-assisted content creation, this team of intelligent and driven engineers has accomplished a lot of things that benefit our customers and our company. More amazingly, they continue to level up by bringing their excellence every day. I cannot express enough how grateful for and proud I am of this team.”

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