Meet Content Specialist and Card Creator Laura Kraay

Creating beautiful designs both inside and outside the office

Our Content Team at Main Street Hub specializes in representing our small business customers’ voice and brand authentically online. Our Content Specialists, who are an essential part of our Content Team, have an incredible knack for creating eye-catching, on-brand designs and an unwavering drive to produce quality content for our customers.

Laura Kraay, Content Specialist, Email and Customer Requests, has a skill for creating high-quality designs both inside and outside the office — in her free time, she creates beautiful illustrations and cards that tell a story and make people smile. Right now, her literary valentines are big sellers ahead of Valentine’s Day. We sat down with Laura to chat about her Etsy shop and what she hopes her cards will bring to Valentine’s shoppers for this upcoming holiday.

What’s your shop called and what do you sell?

“My shop is called Laura Kraay Designs and although these cards have been around for years, I just began to sell on Etsy. It’s been so much fun to bring this project to life!”

What’s your favorite thing about being a virtual local business owner?

“I love creating cards that can tell a personal story or capture something about a relationship. In some purchase orders, people will tell me the reason they picked the specific card for a specific friend. It’s such a gift to receive a piece of their story.”

Where do you get inspiration from?

“A designer that inspired me is Emily McDowell. Her empathy cards answer the conundrum of ‘what to say when you don’t know what to say.’ Of course, I’m also a sucker for any sort of literary pun.”

Do you have a favorite illustrator?

“I’m constantly wowed by how Liana Finck can capture complex emotions in seemingly simple drawings.”

What’s a favorite illustration of yours?

“My favorite is a Gwendolyn Brooks valentine I made. ‘We Real Cool’ is one of the first poems I fell in love with, so it felt fitting for it to become a valentine.”

What do you hope your cards will do for buyers this Valentine’s Day?

“I hope they’ll bring a smile! I love extending the boundaries of giving Valentine’s cards beyond significant others. I think all the loved ones, from grandmothers to college roommates, should know that they’re appreciated.”

Find Laura’s shop on Etsy and Instagram for valentines for all your loved ones!

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