Must-Haves for Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

4 online marketing tips for your local retail business

With several of the biggest spending days of the year happening in November and December and consumer holiday spending steadily increasing year-over-year, there are a lot of opportunities for your local store to bring in new business!

The holiday season will bring loyal customers back to your business, as well as an influx of new customers — 73% of consumers are looking for new places to shop to buy gifts for friends and family during the holidays.

As your loyal customers plan where to buy gifts for their family and new customers are exploring stores like yours to find the perfect present for their friends, your online marketing strategy can influence your customers’ spending behaviors.

Do these 4 things, and your online presence will be the gift that keeps on giving:

Be Consistent

Consumers can be influenced by seeing a post from your business once — but 90% of consumers say they’ll make a purchase after seeing a brand’s message multiple times on multiple platforms.

Whenever you’re posting about your shop’s holiday specials online, make sure you post about them more than once to increase brand awareness and the likeliness that a customer will make a purchase.

Plan Ahead

With the bulk of holiday shopping happening between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, your business still has time to plan your content strategy! Take the time to develop a content calendar and posting schedule for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Planning ahead ensures that your content will have time to get in front of your customers more than once and will save you time in the long run.

Connect With Your Customers

The holidays are a time of year that people associate with family, love, and joy. Creating and sharing content that evokes emotions like these will encourage people to make a purchase at your store.

Customers associate the holiday season with positivity — aligning your brand with the positive feelings that the season brings will help you connect with your followers and bring them into your store.

Build a Brand Ambassador Program

When people are deciding where to shop and what to buy for their loved ones, they are easily influenced by what they see on social media — especially on Instagram.

The more present your business is on social media, the more likely someone is to see your products and services and make a purchase. Building a network of brand ambassadors is a great way to expand your social media presence and connect with customers.

Learn how to find brand ambassadors on our blog!

Planning ahead for the holidays is important, not just in your store but online as well! Promoting your business to loyal and new customers alike will make this time of year joyous — for them and for you!

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