Nail the Interview: How to Stand Out

Our recruiters give tips on answering tough interview questions

We sat down with Main Street Hub’s recruiters and asked how we can help our candidates stand out in interviews with our team. They provided insights on the questions candidates struggle with most and gave tips for how they can prepare to answer them impressively— and avoid throwing up any red flags.

Don’t miss these tough questions and how to prepare:

Can you tell me about a time when you failed?

“People are sometimes afraid to tell recruiters about a weakness or a failure, when really that’s what shows their personal side during an interview.” — Heena Rehmatullah, Sales Recruiter

How to prepare:

Our recruiters say that candidates should think of a mistake they made and how they learned from it. They want to see that candidates feel comfortable with their mistakes, that they own their shortcomings, and that they’ve worked to overcome them.

If you didn’t find success in this role, what would you do to improve?

“Questions that candidates struggle the most with in an interview have to do with role-playing or putting them into a certain scenario. A question could be, “If you didn’t find success in this role, what would you do to improve?” — Raymond Miller, Senior Recruiter

How to prepare:

Our recruiters have often heard as an answer to this question: “I’m not sure,” or “I would try harder.” But, they say that describing action steps like speaking with their manager or looking to teammates and successful team members for advice and insights would show that they are ready to learn, improve, and develop their skills.

Why do you want this job?

One of our recruiters described an experience in an interview where she asked a candidate why he wanted the job and he was unable to articulate the reasons why he wanted it. She says that she was surprised taht despite all the effort he had put into securing the interview, he was unable to answer what should have been the simplest question, “Why do you want to work here?”

How to prepare:

“The reasons for pursuing a job are different for everyone. I would tell candidates to be aware of what motivates them to help them answer that question, and to help their potential future employer understand the mutual benefit of bringing them onto the team.” — Amanda Townley, Sales Recruiter

Why do you want to leave your current position?

One of our recruiters says that she has seen candidates struggle with communicating why they are looking to leave their current position. However, she points out that it’s important for our team to know about the factors and motivations that led to them applying to the role they’re interviewing for.

How to prepare:

“As a recruiter, what I’m looking for is an understanding of what is causing them to explore other opportunities so that I can better assess them for long-term fit in the role they’re looking to fill.” — Kelsey Parker, Sales Recruiter

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