Our Team’s Favorite Local Businesses

One of our company’s core values is Reverence for Local, which our team embodies both inside and outside of our office.

Get to know some of our team’s favorite local businesses across the country:

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The Vegan Nom

Austin, Texas

“It’s an all-vegan taco truck, and they have the most amazing vegan queso, nachos, and of course, tacos. It’s the kind of small business that thrives in Austin, and that’s part of why I’m proud to live here. Most of all, I love that they’ve normalized me eating nachos for brunch.” — Molly Knobloch, Community Manager


Austin, Texas / New York City

“Laura, the owner, has created a boutique that radiates a unique and fresh look. Everything is carefully curated and the employees feel like your friends. The store also fosters a strong local community through outreach and community events to empower women.” — Marissa Desanti, Product Designer

The Oxford Creamery

Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

“As a kid, I typically spent a good portion of my summer break visiting family in New England, and going to The Ox was always one of the biggest highlights. In their own words, The Ox “is local New England in every sense of the word” — it’s an old school, family-owned restaurant that doesn’t seem to have changed one bit since it opened in the ’30s. I have distinct memories of spending time with my granddad at The Ox where he’d teach me life lessons, including the best strategies for eating an ice cream cone and how you should never wear your hat at the dinner table.” — Andy Moore, Manager, Customer Operations

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Lucky Lab Coffee

Austin, Texas

“First off, their coffee is the best in Austin, bar none. One of the coolest parts of Lucky Lab, though, is that part of their proceeds go to different organizations that benefit dogs (shelters, rescue groups, etc.) They also host all kinds of different events, and they’re super popular and beloved in the Austin community.” — Regan Sinquefield, Community Manager

The Village Haven

North Smithfield, Rhode Island

“The Village Haven is a staple for those who are from Rhode Island and has been serving customers for over 40 years. Growing up, some of my fondest memories have been enjoying their classic chicken dinner with my family and delighting in their delicious ice cream for dessert. Not to mention, they have the best cinnamon rolls.” — Richard Hoey, Account Manager

The Special

Austin, Texas

“The store’s aesthetic is perfect, the product selection is unorthodox and daring, the owner is divine, and the custom gifting service is magical. Go now.” — Carey Neal, Account Manager

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Pittsford, New York

“Okay where do I start? Well, it starts with the fact that I wouldn’t be here without Thirsty’s — my parents met there in 1979. It’s been a staple in my hometown for over 40 years, without so much as a sign out front. Literally, it’s a white brick building with green shutters, and you wouldn’t know it was a bar until you step inside. Drinks are cheap and served in plastic party cups, and it’s always a party when you walk in. There’s an impromptu reunion for every high school class every year around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you can celebrate with your friends…. and your friends’ parents. My happiest place is on a stool at the bar drinking a local beer with friends I haven’t seen in months!” — Emily Howeth, Event Marketing Associate

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