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Protect Your Reputation on the Internet |Reputation911™Personal Branding via personal websites and social media sites has proven to be an important “self-PR” move for pretty much all working adults. Employers are able to quickly get a sense of your professional image and how you conduct yourself online as an indicator of how you will perform in the workplace. As a working professional, personal websites give you the freedom to promote your skills and highlight testimonials before someone ever meets you in person. So how does personal branding relate to raising your children?

The Virtual Aspect of Post-Modern Parenting

Parents will go to the ends of the earth to prepare their children for every life milestone, including preparation for the so called “real world” after college. Modern times called for bolstering your child’s extracurricular activities, helping them apply to the top colleges with expertly crafted essays, and making sure your child knew how to write the perfect paper resume. Post-modern parenting has shifted to a virtual world that nonetheless calls for authenticity and honesty as most paper-based tests and essays have begun to be phased out. LinkedIn, one of the world’s most famous networking sites, is a common stop for employers to check before an in-person interview. This article by CareerBuilder states,

“Employers are more likely to check the informal, but tangible, behavioral reference sources like LinkedIn, Facebook, credit history [or] criminal history than the more subjective references provided by candidates…Candidates should be much more intentional about crafting a professional identity that serves the role of a ‘reference’ but within the context of the work, profession and colleagues you seek to engage. It eliminates the weaknesses inherent in the old style of references that become so watered down they are useless.”

LinkedIn is easy enough to understand, but what is so advantageous about a personal website?

Personal Websites

Personal websites, in a nutshell, are:

  • Easily customizable to an individual’s personality and career
  • Inexpensive
  • Visually appealing
  • Solely highlighting a professional individual’s skills or self

Although personal websites have been geared towards working professionals in the past, personal branding is important for middle and high schoolers as well. For example, if your child is a competitive athlete, having a personal website that pops up on the first page of a Google Search of “popular Massachusetts high school athletes” is bound to get them noticed for future competitions or by Division 1 college recruiters. While a personal website is no substitute for talent, it is simply an extremely convenient platform to showcase one’s talent. It is up to you to be proactive about the accuracy and positivity of your child’s online reputation.

A New Type of Name Craze

Once upon a time, children’s names were chosen after popular celebrities and what other people were naming their kids. One day, a parent may have to check GoDaddy to see if a (domain) name is available so as to set their child up for online success. While you are busy reading “What to Expect When You are Expecting” and other how-to parenting books, you should also be reading up on social media/personal branding trends. Although it may seem extreme, there is no denying that the world will only continue to become increasingly more reliant on the Internet. You and your children’s virtual profiles will become inseparable from your own identities as physical beings.

In short, don’t wait to scoop up a $10 domain name now, because one day it may be worth your child’s future.

If you’re interested in more information about personal branding, call us at 1-866-MY-REP-911 (1-866-697-3791) or fill out an inquiry form. Reputation911 is here to answer your questions and make you look good online.

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Updated Insights: view beyond the past 24 hours! 0

It has been four years since we added Insights to your Trackur dashboard. We’ve made some major improvements over that time, but the one that has always escaped us: giving you more than just the past 24 hours of data.

Today, we finally cracked that nut!

As of today, you can switch your Insights view between 24hrs, 7 days and 30 days. With this change, you can get a better idea of how your reputation–and online mentions–have trended. In addition, you can now download each of those views to a PDF report.

New date options for Insights

New date options for Insights

Why did it take so long? It’s a lot of data to crunch and serve efficiently. If we had just a handful of customers, the task would be easy, but we have tens of thousands of users. That proved to be more of a challenge.

Anyway, we’re delighted to now make this available and for all of you that have made this request, thanks for your patience!

Happy tracking!

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Have you tried Google Page Removal Request to remove an unwanted link on Google search index, you may have tried several times and failed to do so. The reason for this is Google terms and conditions to have a link removed. They only remove pages you own or control, meaning if the page is hosted on other sites and you are not the owner or author you won’t be able to remove it even if you file a lawsuit unless the content violates some other law or rights but freedom of speech is again another law that will keep the content where it is.

Remove a Link from Google with Page Removal Request

Page Removal Request

Page Removal Request

There are other solutions to get rid of negative and unwanted links on Google or other search engines

Request a Page Removal Firm to cleanup the Mess

Yup Page Removal Service are offered by dozens of companies who help corporations and high profile individuals restores there online reputation by burying, hiding and pushing down the negative press down the search results.

Of course it’s a time consuming job and require a dedicated team to successfully do this and you need a n experienced company to do this. If you do it wrong it will get worse! Worse? yes
cant it get even more worse than my reputation is now? Yes the worse thing that can happen is that the links becomes so strong that it sticks where it is. Bad methods can may links stick permanently if you hire an in experienced firm to do the job.

So it’s very important you hire some one who has a proven method to clear your name or else you will live your entire life with a bad online reputation.

Order a Page Removal Request now? Contact us

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Remove Smear Campaign Page Removal 0

Do you want to Remove Smear Campaign Page Removal service online. With our smear campaign cleanup service we will be able to cleanup and remove all unwanted and defamatory press published online.

Want to Remove Smear Campaign Page Removal

Page removal service ensure all bad press and negative links will no longer show up when people search your name on the internet.

Google Page Removal

We will remove smear campaign and negative press from Google search results. How do we remove? We bury, suppress, hide and push down all unwanted content from Google and any other search engine.

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Remove Pissed Consumer complaints reviews 0

Remove Pissed Consumer complaints reviews has several useful features. Like ComplaintsBoard, the site provides a good outlet to vent and a long list of consumer tips. The site also offers its own Customer Satisfaction Index, which tallies up all the complaints PissedConsumer receives by company and industry to illustrate which businesses are the most reviled. This index shows that Direct TV gets more complaints than any other company and is further evidence that Bank of America may be the most frustrating of all the banks. And members have the option to pay for a reputation management service so that they can reduce the likelihood that someone will want to complain about them one day.

How to Remove Pissed Consumer complaints reviews

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