Sacramento Husband says he was defamed by Cheaterville user 0

News 10 Sacramento reports that a Sacramento couple says they plan to subpoena Cheaterville to discover the identity of the person who posted the husband’s information on Cheaterville’s website. Randazza, who represents Cheaterville, said:

“These are claims that nobody has seen since mid-January, and nobody remembers – but they will obtain far more notoriety, credence, and permanence as part of a federal lawsuit than they ever could on Cheaterville.”

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Successful removal posted to Online Website 0

Due to the sensitive nature of most of our clients needs we cannot share or talk about clients and the successful removals that we make on their behalf. We stumbled across this post and thought it would be nice to share as it does not violate our client confidentiality terms nor does it compromise the security of the client.

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I disgustingly placed a post on a website and I am having trouble

Resolved Question:

I disgustingly placed a post on a website and I am having trouble getting it removed. I realise that i did the wrong thing and I am trying to fix this situation. Please help I am disgusted at myself for doing this.

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businesslegions :Hi there,
businesslegions :Just letting you know that this chat is visible by the public
businesslegions :Are you able to tell me what is the website or system you posted to?
businesslegions :These things happen so don’t worry about it too much
businesslegions :I’ll try to help you in the best way that I can
Customer:Yes the website is Liarscheatersrus
businesslegions :Did you post it using an account?
Customer:Just email address
businesslegions :there’s two ways to remove it
Customer:Great how
businesslegions :1. You need to contact the website owner
businesslegions :by clicking on the contact us
Customer:I have tried that through numerous postings straight to the wesite and directly to them and thus far I have received no response
businesslegions :how long ago did you do that?
Customer:I have been messaging them everyday for the past 5 days. I have been ver nice in my communication to no avail
businesslegions :Ok the second option is to use the service
businesslegions :but there is a cost associated to that
businesslegions :they directly work with the website
businesslegions :to remove the names.
Customer:Is it a trusworthy site? I have seen its services on the internet
businesslegions :then scroll down to the liarscheaters section and enter the profile link
Customer:Will they be removed permanently from all places it may show forever
businesslegions :I think they are somehow linked together
businesslegions :yes
businesslegions :and also
businesslegions :if they cannot remove it from 2-5 days for deletion
businesslegions :you can get a full refund
Customer:Oh I was suspicious of that, I dont mind paying to have it removed so long as I am not ripped off
businesslegions :try paying using paypal
Customer:Ok that sounds great, I am desperate and will try anything
businesslegions :if it doesn’t get done
businesslegions :you also have an option from paypal
businesslegions :to put a dispute and request for a refund
businesslegions :ok great
businesslegions :if you can rate my services that will be great, bonuses are much appreciated and good luck
businesslegions :once we close this chat i’ll get the moderators to remove some of the information in this chat session
Customer:Will they remove my name and the other persons name as well that i posted on there?
businesslegions :yes
businesslegions :they will remove the links and posts completely
businesslegions :including from search engines
businesslegions :to rate, click on the smiley faces
businesslegions :all the best
Customer:sounds wonderful thankyou
businesslegions :no problems
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Customer: replied 8 days ago.


Just a follow up to my discussion yesterday. I have contacted the website
that was suggested. Paid $500 and have received no action at all. I have
phoned them twice the girl on the switchboard tells me somebody will
contact me. I am very concerned that this may be another scam and I have
lost my money. I paid by PayPal which you suggested. Are you absolutely
sure they are a reputable company?any help would be greatly appreciated.

Expert:  businesslegions replied 7 days ago.

Hi there,

Yes, they are and they are the ones that are affiliated with the website you posted on. If you don’t hear anything from them in a day or to. Get a refund from paypal and they will refund it.

Customer: replied 7 days ago.


Sorry to be a pest. So the company is okay and provide the services they advertise. I received 2 emails last night, saying they are responding to the situation. I am just very over anxious to right the wrong that I have done. Thankyou

Expert:  businesslegions replied 7 days ago.

Ok if they have replied then they are working on it. It sometimes takes time to liase and work with the owners of the website for removing the information.

Customer: replied 7 days ago.


Okay, thankyou for all of your help

Expert:  businesslegions replied 7 days ago.

No problems.


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Top 12 things CEOs can do to boost corporate reputation 0

As the face of the company, CEOs embody and express the company’s reputation, so it’s important they play an active role in defining and maintaining it. Following are the top 12 things CEOs can do to boost corporate reputation.

1. Be very visible and vocal.

As the topmost representative of the business, a CEO’s name often becomes synonymous with the company’s. Being visible and vocal reinforces the connection and builds leadership.

2. Use social media.

There are several positive results from CEOs’ using social media use, including improved corporate reputation and increased employee engagement. It also helps with online reputation management and builds relationships with employees, partners, prospects, media, and others.

3. Become an industry leader.

“Publish or perish” applies to executive and corporate reputations as much as academic ones. Regularly publishing high-quality content about your industry, like innovations, research, and predictions, builds both the CEO’s and the company’s thought leadership and authority.

4. Be friendly and approachable.

CEOs are the human side of the business. The more open and friendly you are, the more approachable the company as a whole seems. It also helps you attract better talent and publicity.

5. Maintain a strong executive reputation.

Because the CEO’s reputation is tied so closely to the company’s, keeping a strong executive reputation is a must. Your good name and the business’s good name build and reinforce each other.

6. Encourage transparency and integrity.

Openness and honesty are two critical factors influencing how your company is perceived. They especially affect your reputation as a trustworthy, credible business.

7. Champion the company values and vision.

As the highest executive officer of the company, a big part of the CEO’s job is promoting and communicating the company values and vision. Embracing them is the most effective way to show what the business stands for.

8. Foster improved communication.

Better communication all around contributes to many benefits. Increased customer exposure to your messaging is important, while improving internal communications is how you build a strong, loyal team.

9. Ask for feedback.

The company’s direction should be constantly evaluated and adjusted to make sure it delivers the most benefit. Asking for and acting on feedback helps you maintain a good corporate image and executive reputation.

10. Turn employees into brand ambassadors.

The CEO can only do so much to communicate the company’s values and boost the corporate reputation. Helping employees embrace the vision can substantially improve the business’s reputation and its bottom line.

11. Promote good governance and leadership.

Actions speak louder than words, especially when they come from the highest level. Avoid unethical behaviors and strive to be the kind of leader you want your executive team, directors, and managers to be. Your example and the resulting trickle-down effect will work wonders for everyone’s reputation and satisfaction.

12. Always be innovating and generating ideas.

CEOs who get too comfortable and who don’t keep up with changing times tend to have the shortest tenures. By always thinking ahead and being willing to adapt, you keep your job and build a robust company reputation.

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Transparency: Lessons to Learn From Apple 0

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In late 2012, Apple CEO, Tim Cook posted a public apology on the front page of The apology was regarding the recent release of iOS 6 and the issues consumers were having with Apple Maps. The apology consisted of Cook mentioning Apple’s pursuit of presenting the best products and acknowledging that Apple Maps were […]

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