School’s in Session: Social Media Marketing 101

4 things your small business needs to know

As students open their books and dive headfirst into the new school year, the end of summer is a great time for small business owners to do the same.

While it’s not necessary to pull up a seat in a classroom near you, cracking open a book to learn new social media marketing tips and freshen up your content marketing tricks will make your small business look A+ online.

Earn a gold star by doing these 4 things:

Refresh Profiles & Update Business Information

As school starts and the season changes from summer to fall, take a look at all of your business’ social media profiles and see what needs to be updated.

Identify any information or photos that might need to be spruced up. For example:

Have your business hours changed?

Are you offering seasonal specials?

Do you have new profile and cover photos you want to use?

Taking the time to make sure your social media pages are ready will set your business up for success!

Learn more about updating your profiles here!

Don’t be afraid to print out a calendar and start filling in content ideas!

Create Content Calendars

Just as teachers think ahead and create lesson plans for their students, you should think ahead as a small business owner and create a content calendar to keep your customers engaged.

Whether you want to create weekly, monthly, or quarterly content calendars, taking the time to plan out what you’ll be posting helps keep your message consistent, targeted, and engaging.

Get ahead of your goals — identify your brand’s voice (if you haven’t already) and then, learn how to build a content calendar here!

Be Responsive & Engaging

The best way to connect with your customers, build relationships, and drive business is to have genuine interactions.

While teachers aren’t focused on driving business, they do focus on giving each student individualized attention and responding to their needs — which is exactly what you should be doing as a small business owner for your customers.

Over 52% of customers expect a response online from small businesses they reach out to, so make sure you’re responding to reviews that your business receives, liking posts that customers leave on your Facebook wall, and retweeting tweets that customers mention your business in.

Check out our Guide to Review Responses and tips for Twitter Outreach to learn more about being responsive and engaging!

Share Visual Content

Across all social media platforms, posts that contain photos and videos out-perform their text only counterparts.

That’s because it’s easier to grab a customer’s attention online with a photo.

Integrating videos, photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs into your social media strategy can be the difference between your customers visiting your business in-person or playing hooky.

Start taking beautiful photos with these tips!

Taking the time as a small business owner to learn more about social media will help you build your business, brand, and bottom line!

Want to learn more from our team of social media experts? Check out our free downloadable guides and upcoming webinars here!

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