Social Media: Modern Day Customer Service

4 tips to extend your in-person customer service online

In 2017, your customers aren’t calling or emailing your small business with their customer service concerns.

They’re tweeting at your business on Twitter, posting on your Facebook wall, and direct messaging you on Instagram.

Currently, 90% of customers reach out to brands like yours on social media and consider it the first place they’d turn to if they had a problem or complaint.

How you handle customer service on your business’ social media pages can be the difference between a repeat customer and a lost one — here’s how to be as customer-savvy online as you are in-store:

Always Respond

Just like you’d engage a customer who approached you at your business, you need to do the same thing when you’re engaged online.

No matter how minor or major a customer’s message may seem, taking the time to respond will make your customer adore your business even more.

Spending time replying can also increase your bottom line — customers are 3x more likely to recommend your business after a positive social media customer service interaction.

Reply Quickly

Time is of the essence! When a customer reaches out to your business on social media, 60% of them expect a reply within an hour or less.

Make sure you’re monitoring your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for any questions, complaints, or concerns. Responding in a timely fashion is a great way to impress your customers and show them you care.

Be Personable

Always follow the golden rule of responding to people on social media — tweet others how you’d like to be tweeted.

Treat the tweets, comments, and messages that your business receives how you would treat those problems in-person. Don’t be afraid to be empathetic, use humor, and show emotion. Your personable response will go a long way for the customer.

Know When to Make the Conversation Private

When customers have concerns they want your business to know about, they have a lot of options on social media of how to get that message to you.

Sometimes, customers will publicly tweet at your business, write on your Facebook wall, or comment on an Instagram photo. It’s important to know when to respond publicly to your customers’ concerns and when to take things to a private message.

If an issue is sensitive, don’t be afraid to ask for the customer’s contact information, for them to private message you, or for them to send your business an email or give you a call.

Taking the time to make your online customer service as exceptional online as it is in-person will impress your customers and keep them coming back to your business!

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