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Truth in Posting Arbitration and Reputation firm closes up shop. 0

truth in posting

Long time Legal, Arbitration and Reputation firm Truth in Posting has closed up shop as of January 1st, 2016.

truth in posting

Arbitration Service Truth in Posting closes doors2016.

Margaret Pickard and Truth in Posting were major players in the Cheaterville removal scene and with the closing of Cheaterville.com last year, it appears they did not want continue in the removal path. As of this blog post Cheaterville.com still redirects to Bullyville.com and Truth in Posting is not live on the web. We will attempt to reach out to James Mcgibney and Margaret Pickard for comment.



Black Hat Reputation Management 0

Online Reputation Management “Hat” strategies

Black Hat Reputation Management

Black Hat Reputation Management

Black Hat ORM

This would involve any hacking or similar attacks against the unwanted web site or automated spamming to the web using software or outsourced help. We have also seen ‘Hackers for Hire’ ‘BlackHatWorld Hackers’ and ‘Reputation Management Hacker” ads which are definitely unethical and illegal tactics that we would highly steer clear of.

White Hat Online Reputation Management

This is simply the practice of promoting positive material for a client. The goal is to create positive content that the client approves of that pushes the positive information about them online as high as possible in the search results above any unwanted content. The white hat campaign in time will push the positives up while sending the negatives down. There are many variables involved such as how popular was the negative, the popularity of the site it is on, the page rank etc..

Gray Hat Reputation Management

This is an area where you are not attacking a negative web site but you are also outside of the simple confines of positive site creation. The Reputation Management firm may be ‘spamming’ forums with positive information about the client or business and leaving ‘reviews’ and ‘comments’ in a popular light posing as customers of the business. There is software that can do a majority of the spamming such as Xrumer however that takes the firm from possibly spamming and light commenting to full blown Black Hat as seen below.


Reputation Management Industry and clients 0

Reputation Management Industry and its Clients

There are typically two types of Reputation Management clients:

Reputation Management Clients

Reputation Management Clients

  • Those who did something wrong and want to move on.


  • Those who are being defamed online and being victimized by search engine algorithms that can favor negative publicity.

Have you ever done anything wrong? Not just recently, 10, 20, 30 years ago?

Whatever it was, imagine if someone typed your name into a search engine today and that’s the first thing that came up. Maybe when you were 18 you got caught smoking Marijuana or blew a .08 on a breathalyzer. Maybe it was something more serious. Whatever the case, your wrong doing was posted to a web site that has page authority, people are clicking on the link, and it’s now at the top of their search results causing a major hindrance to your everyday life. It’s stuck there.

Maybe it feels like it will be stuck there forever, and even your great grandchildren will find it.

In this situation a common solution is to turn to a reputation management company to try and move your current positive press above the negative press. Sometimes a reputation management company can move enough positive web sites to crowd out this unwanted listing to page 3 or 4 in Google. The process involves a large amount of site creation, content writing, and manual linking.

Those who are being defamed online and being victimized by search engine algorithms that can favor negative publicity.

Here are a few examples of themost common Reputation Management client.

  •  A woman’s boyfriend secretly took pictures of her nude. She broke up with him. Now when you search her name the first listing that comes up contains nude photos posted by the ex boyfriend.


  •  A business owner gets in a fight and was later proved innocent – self defense. Now when you search his name the initial arrest report appears with the keyword “Assault” right next to his name.


  •  A company with an excellent track record fires an employee. The disgruntled employee posts on sites claiming to be a customer they ripped off. His comments are now the first thing that appear when you search for information about that company.

The reputation management industry exists to provide more balance to an area that is extremely imbalanced. All companies and individuals should protect their search results even if they do not currently have a problem as this could save you from a huge headache in the future. Make sure to stay active in social media, launch blogs, send out press releases, fill up those search results with information you want and information that you control!

Just make it go away 0

Just make this GO AWAY!!

This is probably how you feel.

Reputation Management business

Reputation Management business

I actually had one client who likened the negative publicity to a giant albatross hanging around his neck. He had over 30,000 satisfied customers and less than five complaints. Well, the few who complained found a forum where they could get together and post their rants. Unfortunately, this forum was showing up in Google’s top 5 when searching for information on his company. He is actually the second client to liken the negative publicity he has received to a giant albatross.

Perhaps you feel the same way? Well, naturally the common reaction is “Just make it go away!” And it makes perfect sense that anyone dealing with this particular struggle would feel this way. They have seen it damage their reputation and/or even their organization’s bottom line. When they are about to close a deal and the prospect gets cold feet because of a negative post they saw on the internet than they realize that this situation can not be ignored.

So, they connect with us and want the problem solved ASAP.

The problem here is that the client most likely does not have an adequate understanding of the algorithms that make up the Google search results and the process involved in adjusting the list of web sites that come back in a particular search query.

So, I decided to write this article and explain it in a non-techie sort of way.

Let’s say you just bought a home in the country on a quiet neighborhood street. The old house sits on over 2 acres. The backyard is like a sanctuary filled with big oak trees, magnolias, and a few fruit trees scattered about. One day you are strolling around in your backyard and you spot one of your new neighbors trying to get your attention.

“Hey!” yells the man in tight blue jeans, and a section of his belly poking out under his t-shirt.
“Can I help you?” you ask politely.
“That tree you have right there!” yells the man as he points his hairy arm in the direction of a magnolia tree near the border of the property.
“What about it?” you ask.
“It’s blockin my sunlight in the evening and I can’t see well enough to work on my truck!” shouted the man.
“Well, why don’t you just use a flashlight?” you ask politely even though you are a little agitated by the encounter.
The man shrugs his shoulders and gives you a look as if you are one of the five most unreasonable people on planet earth.
“Why don’t you chop down your $#%^ tree!” he yells.

At this point you realize that this conversation will go absolutely nowhere and so you decide to head back inside. You slam the sliding glass door frustrated by the absolute shortfall of the human race. The next morning you wake up to your normal routine. You grab your slippers, cup of coffee, and head outside to sit on your back porch and read the newspaper. You settle into the old rocking chair and place your feet on the white porch railing. You take a deep breath and jerk open the newspaper to the sports section. But as you do, something out in the yard has caught your eye.

“What the #$%&?” you mutter as you lean forward and squint in the direction of the neighbors house.
To your horror you see a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood spray painted white and hanging a few inches on the other side of your fence. In giant red letters it reads – “GO TO HELL!”

You quickly set down your cup of coffee on the porch rail but miss and it spills all over your slippers. You yell “Son of a!” and march strait for the neighbors house. You grab the top bar of his crooked chain link fence and are about to yell, but you think for a moment, remind yourself to be calm, and take a deep breath.
“Excuse me sir,” you shout in a polite voice.
“Excuse me sir,” you shout again.
Suddenly the back door screeches open.
“Hey Jerk,” says the man with the same pair of blue jeans on as yesterday but missing his shirt.

“Listen, I think we got off to a bad start. I just don’t quite see what the big deal is. My name’s Bob, what’s yours?” you ask.
“My name’s Jake, but that ain’t your name! Your name is Jerk!” shouts the man.
You want to shout back but you manage to hold it in and muster out, “Please just take down your sign, okay.”
Jake comes walking out from under his carport and yells, “Oh, I’ll take it down! I’ll take it down when you take down that $%&^ tree! You Jerk!”
You walk back inside, fuming. As you drive to work you can’t stop thinking about what happened as you clinch and pound on the steering wheel.

When you arrive home from work you ease into your driveway and notice that the sign is still there. Not only that but you notice Jake talking to some of the other neighbors and pointing at you. You overhear some of the conversation, “I just told him that his tree was blocking our sunlight in the evening and he told me to go to &^$#!”
Quickly you run inside, throw your things down and get in front of the computer. You pull up Google and search for “fast growing privacy plants with thorns”

You click the search button and notice listing that says….

Are you bothered by an obnoxious neighbor?

I can help!


Bob gives me a call and we talk about the problem he is having with his neighbors.

I then go over to asses the situation. Bob, tells me, “Please just make it go away!”
I then say, “Bob, I understand how frustrating the situation is. However, there are few things that I can and that I can’t do. I can’t put some seeds in the ground, sprinkle my magical dust on them, and have 10 foot privacy bushes in a week. But, I know the right plants to grow here, I know about the soil you have, the amount of sun they will receive, and I have a very special fertilizer that I can put on them every day to make them all grow as quickly as possible. And Bob, when I am finished, instead of seeing this obnoxious sign you will see a series of large bushes that flower all year long and have big thorns to prevent Jake from any more mischief.

So, let’s get started!”

Yelp Takes on the Reputation Management Industry by Filing Lawsuit 0

Yelps sues Revleap, YelpDirector and Revpley

When talking about reputation management, there’s two different types of reputation management that

Yelps sues Revleap, YelpDirector and Revpley

Yelps sues Revleap, YelpDirector and Revpley

they offer. Personal reputation management is one type, that focuses on improving the search results for personal names.  The second type is reputation management for businesses, which most often is businesses who want to see glowing reviews while the negative ones are hidden away. And reputation management for businesses can get quite sketchy.

One of the main problems of reputation management is that some of the less trustworthy companies that do it are simply spamming in order to get the job done. Whether it’s getting a ton of fake positive reviews for business or attended negative ones for competitors, there’s a huge difference between companies that are doing reputation management the right way and those that are doing it the wrong way.

Yelp, one of the frequent targets by scammy reputation management companies, is going on the offensive and has filed a lawsuit against one of the company that is racking up victims of businesses that want to see great Yelp reviews. Many of these victims don’t realize it is against Yelp’s policies to do this because of the way these reputation management companies sugar coat how great they are, and then complain to Yelp when their money doesn’t improve their Yelp rating.

The company name targeted goes by the name of Revleap, but has also hopscotch through a variety of other names including Yelpdirector and Revpley (both sites disabled).

How Revleap works is they essentially bribe the individual businesses customers or clients with gift card prizes for leaving favorable reviews. And this can be a little bit harder for Yelp to identify since it doesn’t have that traditional footprints of fake reviews. But offering incentives for good reviews is certainly against the else policies, and is also got the attention of federal and state regulators.

You may view the full lawsuit here.

This should be eye-opening to any reputation management company. While there are some companies that are completely above board, it’s the ones that are doing things like posting fake reviews or offering incentives for good reviews that should take note and ensure their practices won’t result in them being on the receiving end of lawsuit filed by Yelp.