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3 Ways To Protect Your Brand in 2018 0

In a world where brands are everywhere you look, standing out can be difficult, and maintaining a good standing in the eyes of society can be an even grander task. First of all, crafting up a brand in today’s digital world requires various steps and countless hours of invigorating planning. For up-and-coming business owners, the fear of failure along with the risk of putting themselves out there in a new, innovative and enticing way can be immobilizing. Then when you think about the plethora of online review platforms scattered amongst the web; you may start doubting your decision to start and manage a brand.

However, with the growing number of brands popping up globally comes a growing network of valuable resources teaching and guiding new business owners tricks of the trade. By learning from others mistakes, you can set your brand up for success, and protect that success with ease. Ensuring your brand is in good standing online is only half of the battle. The best place to start when it comes to protecting your brand is with an online reputation management software such as ReviewPush to help monitor your brand’s online activity all around the world.

By learning from others mistakes, you can set your brand up for success.
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But what do you do once you’ve signed up with an online reputation monitoring software? The answer is simple: you start utilizing it — heavily — in every way possible. You may be asking yourself, “Lee, what does that mean? What does that entail?” If you find yourself in this or a similar position, wondering where to go and what to do in the world of online reputation management; search no further. There are three simple moves your brand can make to ensure you’re protected from all angles at all hours of the day.

1.Respond Promptly

No matter the platform you’re being contacted on or discussed within, it’s best practice to respond as quickly as you can. This not only shows that you value your business and your customers, but responding promptly shows that your brand is listening; something crucial in the eyes of consumers. If you receive a negative review, responding as soon as it comes in is commonly known as best practice for protecting your brand, as you can confront any issues and resolve any complications before they get out of hand.

Responding promptly shows that your brand is listening.
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2.Utilize Thought Leadership

With so many versatile platforms, it’s very plausible to become a thought leader in your field; and others, too. By continuously creating positive content for consumers and like-minded businesses to intake and digest, you’re setting yourself apart as a leader in your field, and open the door for more business opportunities. When you simply and clearly articulate the benefits of the craft you’ve honed in on for years, it’s going to not only be well-received by a diverse group of readers; it will also put you ahead of your competition while ensuring your brand’s content is enforcing your brand’s reputation. By opening up the door to thought leadership, you’re able to answer the questions and concerns within your industry and amongst consumers who are interested in investing in your business. This is also a great place to utilize search engine optimization(SEO) by tagging thought pieces with vital keywords. You’ll be benefiting your SEO ranking all the while setting the groundwork to become a powerhouse in your, and various other, vertical(s).

By continuously creating positive content for consumers, you set yourself up as a thought leader.
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3. Be Active On Social

The key with social is engagement — always. Throughout the various social platforms that exist, social media is one of the easiest ways to engage with the community you serve and catch the attention of potential clients. This creates brand awareness while also showcasing your brand in the best possible light. People like brands they can rely on, and that applies to social media, as well. If a consumer has a question regarding your business, they’re likely going to seek you out on social media and look for an answer, or ask you for one. If you’re not monitoring your social channels, you could miss out on golden opportunities for new business, or even a chance to right a wrong before consumers head to a review site to talk about their experience with the rest of the world. Listen — I get it. Managing your social media accounts may be low on your priority list as a business owner, but with tools such as SproutSocial, Buffer and HootSuite,  you can schedule out posts to multiple social channels weeks or months in advance; so there’s really no excuse to neglecting social media. Even better: hire someone for the sole purpose of managing social media. Anyone who has worked with social media knows there are enough aspects in it to make it a job of its own, hence why companies have begun hiring social media and community managers.

If you’re not monitoring your social channels, you could miss out on opportunities for new…
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Brand management and reputation monitoring can seem disconcerting, but with the right approach and the consumers’ best interest in mind, you’ll form a profitable and successful brand in the public eye in no time. Sometimes, you need a little extra help. For times like this, ReviewPush is here for you, your company, your customers and ultimately: your brand.

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Top Benefits of Online Reputation Management (ORM) for 2018 0

Congratulations: you made it to 2018. As we approach the middle of the first month of this new year, many are putting the final touches on their marketing strategies for 2018. Thanks to the internet, anyone on any given day can type in a slew of words together in a Google search and bam: there’s your business. Not only can you be found more easily than ever before, reviews of your business are likely floating around various corners of Google, too. With that being said, you want to ensure that your business is being displayed in the most pristine way possible.

With dozens of review sites popping up and filling web browsers all across the globe, it’s easy to get lost in the maham of it all. From positive to negative reviews and everything in between, it’s widely known as best practice to respond to a plethora of reviews; especially the negative ones. However, because there are so many review platforms, the task of managing your business’s online reputation can easily seem like a daunting one.

if you’re not partaking in online reputation management in 2018, you run the risk of failing in…
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Luckily for you, there are various companies which are specifically designed to help you better manage your business’s online reputation. With digital and automation taking over the ways of the world, if you’re not partaking in online reputation management in 2018, you run the risk of failing in comparison to your competitors.
Being a company within the online reputation management sector of the world, ReviewPush is well-versed in the best practices for businesses such as yours.

Having been in the reputation management world for nearly 7 years, we see and recognize the increasing value in online reputation management platforms. With that knowledge, we strive to help businesses like yours see the importance of managing their online reputation. If you’re still sitting on the fence when it comes to online reputation management, here are a few striking benefits to managing yours.


People trust a brand or business with a good online reputation, hence emphasizing the importance of monitoring yours. Consumers often seek out the opinions of others online prior to making any serious investment. As of last year, 97% of consumers read online reviews regarding local businesses. This means that no matter the size of your business, you’re likely being sought out online. The thing is, if people are searching for you or businesses like yours, they’re already invested in whatever it is you have to offer. With 73% of consumers putting full trust into positive online reviews, you’ll want to ensure that you’re online reputation is a force to be reckoned with.

No matter the size of your business, you’re likely being sought out online.
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Plain and simple: a better online reputation attracts more business to your company. When people are searching for businesses such as yours and they come across your competitor which ranks higher on various review platforms, they’re likely going to get that consumer’s business; not you. This concept goes hand-in-hand with trust. With a greater visibility of positive reviews, you’ll attract your target market with ease, thus driving up conversion rates and increasing your business’s profitability.

With a greater visibility of positive reviews, you’ll attract your target market with ease
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Conflict Resolution

A major benefit to managing your business’s online reputation is having the ability to respond to negative reviews or vital feedback in real-time. With platforms such as ReviewPush, you’ll get notified whenever a review is left in regards to your company on a plethora of review platforms across the web. As best practice goes, you’ll want to respond to these comments as soon as possible to put out any fires that may have arisen without your initial knowledge. When you respond to a negative review, you’re partaking in conflict resolution; something that’s admirable in the eyes of consumers. This shows that you have set standards of how your business operates and that you take them, and the consumer, seriously.

When you respond to a negative review, you’re partaking in conflict resolution
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Ultimately, there are numerous reasons to hop on the online reputation management train in 2018. With ReviewPush, getting started is free and easy. Check out our 30 day risk-free trial to see these benefits, along with many more, play out in real-time in front of your eyes.



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Google Starts Displaying First Party Reviews In Search Review Feeds 0

Known for constantly swapping out their search algorithms, Google has done it again. Although they’ve long embedded Google reviews into the Google search algorithm, they’ve now stepped up their game and have begun sharing first party review feeds on Google searches, as well. This change was noted as 2017 came to an end; a sure-fire way to enter 2018 with a bang. First party reviews are unlike those that are shown for sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, as they are derived directly from the website of a specific business.

First party reviews also are the sole form of reviews that directly impacts organic search
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If you aren’t currently collecting first party reviews of your own, this test that Google is initiating should be motivation to ramp up a review collection process for your business. First party reviews generally come from verified customers of your business, and in the case of Google streaming first party reviews — the hotel industry.

Not only is it a great idea to collect your own reviews through your website because they’ll be showcased on a Google search, but first party reviews also are the sole form of reviews that directly impacts organic search. In Google’s SEO (search engine optimization) Markup Guideline, it clearly states that only reviews derived from a first-party source can be marked up for SEO. With this change made by Google, reviews made on various hotel websites around the world can now be seen on a simple google search of a specific hotel location.

Only reviews derived from a first-party source can be marked up for SEO.
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What this means for the hospitality industry is greater click-through rates for those hotels who are actively seeking out reviews on their websites from previous and returning customers. As a business owner, the value of collecting your own reviews reaches outside the realm of Google, too. While it’s great to be found on a Google search and to let your verified customers speak their minds in such a public way, it’s good for your business, too.

By collecting first party reviews, you’re setting a precedence for your business right out of the gate that you’re setting a certain expectation and standard for your business and it’s employees. By sending out requests for reviews by means of landing pages, something ReviewPush can create for you to better manage your online reputation, you’re letting your guests know that you take their experience seriously, and that you truly value their honest feedback. By sending these requests out to verified customers, you’re setting yourself up to either get valuable feedback to utilize for improvement, or a gleaming positive review that will shine as bright as the north star both on your site and a Google search.

By collecting first party reviews, you’re setting a precedence for your business right out of the…
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It’s crucial to note that Google is currently only tampering with the search results of hotels at the moment. However, it is fully expected that this action will spread outward into other verticals such as restaurants and apartments, amongst various other industries, as well.

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Old-School Marketing Tactics That Bring Results 0

The rise of digital marketing in today’s global economy has many companies throwing away any and all ancient marketing strategies that were once heavily utilized. Facetime has been replaced with tweets back and forth; or words are entirely forsaken with the use of an infamous Instagram ‘like’. No matter which way you cut it, it’s impossible to ignore digital’s takeover in the marketplace. While the percentage of internet users worldwide continues to climb, reaching those far and wide corners of the world is becoming more plausible as time goes by.

However, more than half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to or hardly utilizes the internet. With merely 47 percent of the world having access to the internet, those traditional tactics that so many have forgotten or ignored should be used to your vantage point in every way possible. Just because it’s the digital age doesn’t mean you should throw best practices that bring best results to the wayside.

With that being said, you should in no way through all of your digital marketing efforts out of the window. They are not only effective, but also easily adaptable; something essential in the rapidly growing economy and world we’re all a part of. According to a survey done by Econsultancy, only 22 percent of businesses are getting the results they’re happy with in their digital marketing campaigns; a sign proving the age-old saying that not all that glitters is gold.

When it comes to planning your marketing strategy for the new year, there are some valuable techniques that will generate higher conversion rates for your point of sale; regardless of what industry your business is in. While it’s important to incorporate new-age, modern tactics into your strategy; it is dire to include a few of the following tested and true classics.

Just because it’s the digital age doesn’t mean you should throw best practices to the wayside.
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1. Word of Mouth Referrals

Though you may have heard that word of mouth has been replaced by the world of online reviews, that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in word of mouth referrals. A tactic that’s always effective and validating, word of mouth referrals take the work out of your selling point. How, you ask? Think about it: they come from trusted sources to consumers, and if they’re given, the consumer has already bought into the idea behind what your business has to offer. The word of mouth referral is that extra sale or conversion you didn’t expect, but received anyway. Remember, just because someone heard your company was the best of the best for the service you provide does not mean their investigation ends there. For that reason, it’s crucial that your online reviews and customer service are up to par, because after they’ve received that word of mouth referral, they’re likely going to Google search your business for further validation.

Word of mouth referrals take the work out of your selling point
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2. Signage

This is a total shout out to the importance of branding, even if it’s done digitally. Signage helps create a connection between consumers and your business, and shows people who you are before they know what you do. Creating a connection through signage means you’re showing consumers who you are and/or where you’re located, whether or not they were initially looking. It also creates a lasting impression, as they’ll soon begin to associate your logo with your brand, and that imagery will stay in their mind for years on end. If you haven’t yet branded your business or created any form of signage, make sure you work with an experienced company in this vertical to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Signage helps create a connection between consumers and your business
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3. Promotional Gifts

This is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategy around to ensure you’re providing consumers with a lasting impression. Think about it: when you go to the store, and the store gives you a bag branded with their company name and logo on it to go along with your purchase solely for marketing purposes, that bag is likely going to stay with you for years on end. Cities are turning more and more to reusable bags ordinances, and providing consumers with something that’s free to them and branded with your business’s signage not only provides them with an immediate use of your gift, but also grants your business years of attention. Not only does the person utilizing the gift get an unobtrusive reminder of your company; numerous members of their community do, as well. This is free advertising at your disposal, and to not jump on an idea with no hit to your advertising budget would be a disservice to your business.

Promotional gifts are free advertising at your disposal.
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4. Mailing Lists

Just because your business doesn’t send out postcards or physical letters doesn’t mean you should abandon the idea of collecting points of contact from your customers and consumers whom your services have peaked an interest within. With the rise of digital comes the use of emails in place of letters, and having a mailing list to send promotional gestures and company updates with is definitely in your best interest. Not only is this something to incentivise customers and consumers alike, it’s also a great way to send out a friendly reminder of your business’s existence, and plants a seed in their memory for future reference (or better yet, drives them to convert)! Having a mailing list to reach out to in a snap is ideal, as this is a direct connection between your business and your target market.

Mailing lists are a great way to send out a friendly reminder of your business’s existence.
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5. Real Conversations

In a world where so much is said and done by way of social media, the idea of having a real conversation where you can actually hear the other person has nearly been forgotten. However, connections can be hard to make over the internet, and if you can’t hear the tone of someone’s voice, how can you truly cater your response to their needs? In the end, nothing can replace the real deal, and this goes for conversations, too. Think about it: ads are everywhere on social media these days, right? Do you know what isn’t? Human interaction. Product specialists can gauge interest and steer the conversation in a direction that interests the client. They’re able to create a connection that would likely otherwise not exist over email or in tweets back-and-forth. No, you don’t need to model the lifestyle and tactics of a telemarketer, but you should have someone on-staff that can speak directly to current and potential clients.

Product specialists can gauge interest and steer the conversation appropriately.
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Best Practices To Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation 0

You may be asking yourself, “why is online reputation management so important, and why do I keep hearing about it?” The answer is simple: the age we’re living in is run by digital, which equates to the finding that online reviews have replaced word-of-mouth in terms of products, brands and businesses alike. What does that mean for you and your business or brand? It means that consumers and customers are searching the depths of the web for reviews in every vertical that exists on this here earth.

Today, the internet provides consumers with a wealth of knowledge to pull ideologies and create opinions from. Just because you have a brick and mortar store or location doesn’t leave you exempt from the searches of millions on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is that if you don’t have an online presence, you’re losing business. If you’re losing potential business, you’re decreasing your conversion rates when it comes to sales. Overall, you’re unintentionally causing harm to your business, which in turn harms you — the hard-working owner extraordinaire.

In other words, your online reputation has more influence and pull than you may be aware of if you’re not closely monitoring your standing on the web. If your business has a negative online reputation via poor reviews or even entire blog posts regarding your operations, you could be losing out on customers, while also missing out on valuable feedback. Simply updating your social channels isn’t enough to maintain the various platforms your business appears on to be rated and reviewed by consumers.

Blogs and reviews help to better inform consumers about your product, others experiences with your product and staff and ultimately; gives them the red or green light on whether to move forward and invest or to not. Though there isn’t an official guideline stocked full of best practices and how to win over certain clientele, there are a few tricks of the trade that are highly influential and beneficial for your business.

1.Choose an Online Reputation Management Solution

There are multiple ways to manage your online reputation single-handedly, but it never hurts to have a little help. With software platforms, such as ReviewPush, you are able to monitor over 50 different review platforms across the web, allowing you access into the mind and thought process of consumers and current customers. This will allow you to open up the door to conversation with this users, target any valuable feedback to implement, and show off your personable skill-set by having the ability to instantly respond to reviews through one single dashboard. This helps you monitor the conversations that are occurring around your business, and allows you to join on the conversation and alleviate any concerns.

2. Respond to All Comments and Reviews

Though we understand it may be more difficult to muster up the nerve, patience and respect it takes to hear out, validate and respond to a negative review; the fact of the matter is that it’s crucial you do. Potential customers are constantly browsing through good and bad comments, looking for responses from the business when things go poorly to see how they’d react if they were to ever fall into a similar situation with your business. Though every negative review may not be valid, it’s important to reach out to those reviewers and ensure they know you do care about their experience and value their time, as well as their feedback. This will put you in good graces with the general online review population, and showcase your stellar customer service. Who wouldn’t love that?

3. Practice and Implement Positivity

We know, we know: you’ve heard this many times. From your parents to the HR department, positivity is just like negativity: it spreads like the plague. Rather than focusing on all of the negative you may be receiving, take it as an opportunity to positively respond to any naysayers out there, and spread the message that even under crisis, your company remains cool, calm and collected. Just because you’ve received a negative comment, review, email or phone call doesn’t mean your business will be forced to close its doors. An easy way to drown out the impact of a negative review is by acquiring numerous positive ones from satisfied customers. Don’t be afraid to ask for a review on a site of the customer’s choice, either. Feedback — whether it’s positive or negative — can result positively if handled the correct way. If you receive negative feedback, react with an open mind and an immense amount of gratitude and respect. You never know how quickly one could change their tune all by way of positive reinforcement.

Are you searching for someone to help manage your business’s online reputation seamlessly? Getting started with ReviewPush has never been easier. Added bonus? Getting started is free and easy! 

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