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ReviewPush Partners With TripAdvisor to Enhance and Streamline Customer Experience 0

No stranger to the world of online reviews, TripAdvisor is known and utilized by millions worldwide. They are a leader in their field and have gained the trust of consumers from every corner of the world, something increasingly difficult to do in the digital age that we’ve all grown accustomed to.

Enter ReviewPush: a leader in the field of online reputation management. ReviewPush allows businesses of all calibers to stay on top of their business’ online presence by streamlining review management and making it easy for businesses to respond to the various reviews they receive on a daily basis. These two companies are masters of their art, and both understand and value the presence of online reviews in today’s world marketplace; regardless of the vertical.

As of today, ReviewPush has officially partnered up with TripAdvisor to enable its customers to monitor and engage with TripAdvisor reviews within the ReviewPush dashboard. Given TripAdvisor’s leading position with consumer reviews in the restaurant, hotel and attraction sectors, this partnership will integrate TripAdvisor reviews into the ReviewPush platform. This will allow the number of reviews a business receives to increase, while also enabling a greater depth of reviews on ReviewPush.

This partnership will further the ReviewPush mission to help brands and businesses manage their online reputation more efficiently. Customers will be able to analyze and benchmark TripAdvisor’s review data within ReviewPush – in aggregate with other review sources – to ultimately develop a more complete understanding of consumer satisfaction and needs. Customers will also be able to respond directly to their TripAdvisor reviews from within the ReviewPush mobile app or web-based dashboard. This partnership further elongates the ability for ReviewPush to help simplify the review response process, along with streamlining reputation management.

Are you tossing around the idea of trying online reputation management for your business? You know what they say; there’s no time like the present! With more to offer than ever before, ReviewPush is the place your business can trust and rely on for all of your online reputation management needs, and then some. Working with nearly 19,000 businesses worldwide, we know what it takes to be successful, and we want to help you be the best in the business. Getting started is free and easy!

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Should You Ask For Yelp Reviews? 0

Last week, Yelp strengthened their stance against solicited reviews by sending out an email to current users and past and present  partners about the updating of this specific policy. Those in the online reputation management sector of the workforce have been talking since the news broke, and businesses who utilize them have found themselves in the middle of a war they never knew they signed up for.

Under their latest policy update, Yelp has declared the soliciting for reviews via email or any other means is something they now deem as entirely unacceptable. To break that down further, businesses are now no longer permitted to send out emails to patrons of their business in hopes of sending them to Yelp to leave a review about their experience with said business.

Yelp’s ‘no solicitation’ policy stems from their desire to keep things honest and organic,…
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Whether it be reaching out via email or text alert, Yelp wants no part in the solicitation of reviews so much so that they’re banning partners and businesses that utilize their platform to do so in any manner. Though their intentions are pure, it leaves us wondering: what are the benefits of this action, and how will it affect businesses around the globe? More importantly, it begs the question: should you even ask for Yelp reviews?

Yelp’s ‘no solicitation’ policy stems from their desire to keep things honest and organic, something many consumers can appreciate. Yet there’s talk that these strict impositions aren’t doing any good for businesses or Yelp, for that matter. Forbes magazine wrote about this specifically, calling out Yelp for altering what organic means to consumers in the digital age we live in, stating how many Yelp reviewers take to the review site to share a negative experience more often than a positively gleaming one, saying how it leaves a, “misrepresentative collection of poor reviews”.

According to Forbes, the most negligent and biased content on the site, “is not solicited reviews, and not even fake or manipulated reviews, but a self-selected group of dissatisfied customers who are more likely to write reviews than any other group of people”. If a vast majority of reviews on Yelp or strikingly one-sided, why would Yelp try to implement a policy that deters a solution for bias reviews to be implemented?

With the general perception of everyday Yelp users being those who are more likely to leave a…
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Though many surely respect the decision Yelp has made in recent news waves regarding their new ‘don’t ask’ policy, but there is much confusion circulating around this particular regulation. On Yelp’s blog, they defend their intention by stating that asking for reviews, “create bias on your business page — a bias that savvy consumers can smell from a mile away”.

So, what’s a business like yours to do in this trying time? Do you forgo your previous efforts to getting those highly sought after 5-star ratings, or do you go behind the rules and regulations and keep on keeping on with your solicitations? When you break it down, it becomes evident how gray the matter truly is.

On one hand, there’s a company trying to get more organic and honest feedback for businesses around the globe; something many would deem as admirable on the surface level. However, on the business side of the equation, it’s more harmful than helpful. With the general perception of everyday Yelp users being those who are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one, businesses are doing all they can to get those who have positive experiences to share their stories with the world — Yelp included.

Seek out reviews from customers on other sites such as Google and Facebook, for starters.
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Ultimately, it’s likely the best and safest choice to abide by Yelp’s regulations. If you choose to ignore their warning signs, Yelp says your business could run the risk of damaging your reputation on their site, along with their partner sites. It’s best to stay in the lines – though they may be unclear — than to detonate your business’s reputation on one of the largest review platforms on the web. Seek out reviews from customers on other sites such as Google and Facebook, for starters. After all, people generally understand that Yelp tends to attract those with scathing reviews more often than not, and giving humanity the benefit of the doubt on this specific case may be your best bet.

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5 Steps to More 5-Star Reviews For Your Restaurant 0

For a business, reviews and star ratings are one of the things that weigh heavily into a consumer’s decision on whether to invest in your business or not. Within the restaurant industry, there’s no denying how vital reviews and ratings are to keeping current customers happy, while also enabling the acquirement of new customers. For businesses who depend heavily on reviews, having a pristine online reputation is crucial to keeping up with their old customers while also allowing themselves to drive new business in; all by the digital age’s version of word of mouth.

Though you may not think you have a hand in the altering of your business’s ability to acquire more 5-star reviews, the opposite is actually true. See, once you come to the realization that change starts at the center of your restaurant, you’ll easily begin to tweak things and maneuver your way around the world of online reviews. Yes, it can be difficult and seemingly impossible to navigate your way through every review and rating left in regards to your business on the web. Let’s be real; the internet is a huge place.

With the quantity of areas for reviews and word-of-mouth to hide around the web, it’s crucial that your business has some sort of plan implemented to review and dissect these reviews before they get the best of you. After all, it’ll be hard to gain 5-star reviews if you’re not monitoring and catering to the ones you already have. For all you know, they could contain valuable information in them regards to how you can better your services from various angles. The customer sees your restaurant differently than you may, and that’s OK.

it’s crucial that your business has some sort of plan implemented to review and dissect . . .
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But to ignore the multiple opinions of patrons isn’t a best practice; and it surely won’t lead to gaining 5-star ratings. Contrary to what you may have heard or believe, the power to gain more 5-star reviews is in your hands; it just takes looking over these 6 steps carefully and with much consideration to each point within. Keep in mind, these are not complex tasks; merely ones that once you’re in the habit of, they’ll seem like second nature, and who doesn’t love that?


1.Identify Current Review Metrics

Before you can start raking in the 5-star reviews your business wants and/or needs, you’ll need to first Identify current review metrics. This means identifying your current review metrics. From the total number of reviews per month, to breaking them down between positive, negative and neutral; this is a vital step so that you can see what your starting benchmark is, and just how far you have to go. People leave incalculable value when they post a review of any sort regarding your business, and you should start to view negative and positive reviews in a different light if you desire to up your ante and gain more of those well sought after 5-star ratings.

2. Identify Feedback Opportunities

Identifying where there are asking opportunities to receive feedback is crucial. Whether it be at the counter or the front podium of your restaurant; there are countless opportunities you may be missing out on due to simply not asking for feedback. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to request feedback. Whether it be via email, text or via tablet at your dining table; there’s hardly an excuse to not be out there requesting feedback on a plethora of platforms. The one exception is Yelp This is a crucial step in any restaurant’s management protocol, simply because if you don’t ask, you likely won’t receive. With this feedback, you can pinpoint problem areas while letting those lifting their weight and then some around the restaurant shine.

identifying where there are asking opportunities to receive feedback is crucial
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3. Establish Review Goals

To break that down for you, this means setting attainable goals for your restaurant’s singular or multiple locations, and sticking to it. For example, setting a goal of 40 reviews per location per month is a great starting point to gauge feedback in moderation. Setting these goals allows you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and add incentive to your staff’s daily routines.

For instance, let’s say that you have a server who seems to be struggling, and isn’t pulling their weight on the serving team. If you incentivise them with rewards for performing at a higher level with customers and get them to seek feedback at the same time, your business will undoubtedly grow in unexpected yet necessary ways, and your wait staff will see the benefits of performing at a higher level; likely making them more eager to join in on the fun.

4. Set Up Landing Pages

Next you’ll need to set up or buy review request landing pages. This prompts customers to the specific page they need to be at to leave feedback. There is a beautiful thing about incorporating landing pages such as these into your restaurant’s website, as well. By embedding landing pages that are directed back to your site, you can gather valuable feedback from verified customers, thus allowing you to make real-time improvements without the negativity being spread throughout the world wide web.

you can gather valuable feedback from verified customers
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However, with landing pages, you can also prompt users who internally leave you 4 or 5 star reviews to share their feedback on a third party site such as Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor. This leads them into the review funnel with minimal effort; making it a seamless transaction on all fronts.

5. Launch Beta Test

Lastly, it’s best to launch a batch of small tests with a few restaurant locations over a 2 to 3 month time frame to gauge what differences have been noticeably implemented. Throughout the course of time you’re introducing these new policies and factors into play, you need to be tracking the success or downfalls of certain aspects. Maybe your efforts have gone awry because you picked the road less traveled. Perhaps you saw exponential growth in your sales customer retention thanks to implementing asks for feedback at every stage of the dining experience in a user-friendly way. These are all stats you’ll want to be managing and keeping a close eye on, as they’re direct reflections of your business’s online reputation. Monitoring every review left in regards to your business can be difficult to do on your own, but with our help; it’s not only easy, it’s free. Get started with us today and see the difference and growth for yourself.

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3 Major Reasons You Should Stop Being Afraid of Negative Reviews 0

The almighty negative review: the one thing you, as a business owner, strive to avoid receiving at all costs. Yet, regardless of the service you provide to your customers, you’re bound to fall victim to a 1-star review sooner or later. Though it’s often thought of to be ultimate doom and failure if you receive one—or multiple—negative reviews, there is a light at the end of this review tunnel. Just because a review is negative doesn’t mean it’s lasting impression on your business is going to be a negative one. Actually, receiving a negative review should be seen as a golden opportunity for various reasons.


  1. You can show off your high-level customer support

    By receiving negative reviews, you open the door for opportunity and possibility. When a customer leaves a negative review, your first instinct may be to ignore it, hide it from your site and/or get angry. All of the above choices are actually what you should avoid doing after receiving a less-than-admirable review. Though it may seem counterintuitive, this is where your chance to shine and make amends comes into play.

The nature of the review also has validity here, too. Say someone left a negative review that includes ignorance towards company regulations or policy — information often overlooked on your business’s FAQ and About pages; this allows you to clear the air, explain to the customer why those regulations are in place, while simultaneously informing other consumers of the reasoning behind certain policies.

Then again, there are valid negative reviews that need to be taken seriously and handled respectfully from the business’s side of things. If a customer has a negative experience with your business or the services you provide and leaves a negative review on any review platform; keep calm. This is not the end of the world or the end of your business. Again, it’s a space of sweet and sincere opportunity to right the valid wrongs pointed out by the customer.

If and when you receive one of these reviews, remember the opportunity that lies within your hands, and utilize it. Simply respond by saying, “we’re sorry you had this experience, and we’d love to hear more about it to further address and pinpoint just went went wrong so that it doesn’t occur again. Could you email us at (enter company email address) with more information? We’d greatly appreciate it and your time!”

By saying something of this stature, you admit fault, and openly accept responsibility for the actions of your business, and strive to correct this move. This shows consumers that you take the customer’s experience seriously, and strive for greatness. You’re also putting out the fire and containing how far the flames spread. Word of mouth travels quickly in the digital age, but as long as you’re showing up in the conversation revolving around the flames, you’ll be in good standing.

2. They Validate Your Business

Despite what you may think, the prestigious honor of having a 5-star rating across multiple platforms may not be as beneficial as you may have previously assumed. There are numerous fake reviews surfacing upon various review platforms around the web, often done by employees of friends of the business owners. To consumers, a 5-star rating often signals a red flag of false advertisement, sending them on their way to a competitor’s site.

We don’t want you to lose out on valuable customers due such a small yet detrimental factor of your online reviews. Thus being why we say you should welcome the negative reviews, as they verify what a realistic experience with your business looks like from various uses and aspects. In fact, Harvard Business Journal found that the majority of consumers trust reviews more when there’s a mixture of both good and bad reviews.

The existence of negative reviews also allows consumers to humanize your business; taking away the corporate shadow and formulating your business into a real entity with emotion. Also, by displaying your negative reviews, you can show other consumers your gracious and endearing responses to them; showcasing that a.) you’re a reputable business and b.) you take consumer needs seriously.

3. Negative Reviews Boost Conversion Rates

According to SiteJabber, businesses with 10-30% negative reviews receive more than 10 times the leads than businesses with a 5-star rating. Consumers want to experience and understand the worst-case scenarios of other consumers before committing to spending their money on your business. If they feel they can tolerate the worst case for someone else, they’ll be likely to invest in whatever service your business provides.

These days, the ability to buy likes and reviews deters consumers opinions and faith in a business. Yet the existence of negative reviews can validate a human experience, giving the business credibility; thus allowing the consumer to have faith and trust in the company, increasing the likelihood of their future investment in said product or service. Savvy consumers know that 5-star ratings are unlikely and easily write them off as fake.

As a business, you should never underestimate the knowledge and know-how of consumers in the marketplace. The majority of consumers understand that not all negative reviews equate to a negative experience, and not all negative reviews are legitimate. Giving consumers the benefit of the doubt allows them to feel a sense of freedom and pride by selecting your business over anothers.

At the end of the day, consumers trust brands that have great customer service, so a negative review isn’t a shot in the foot; it’s your golden ticket to convert a potential nay-sayer into a valued customer. Though it can be difficult to monitor your business’s online presence on the daily, our platform can ensure no review goes unseen. pWho knows: one specific negative review could be the reason your sales skyrocket — all thanks to word of mouth.

Stop Being Afraid of Negative Reviews
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Facebook Launches Food Delivery Option with Multiple Partners 0

Courtesy of Facebook

Online ordering is having a moment, in case you haven’t noticed. With apps like Texas-native Favor to Uber Eats, your favorite restaurants are now at the tips of your fingers at most times of day. If you’ve never used either of these platforms, you may want to get acquired to the use of online ordering.

One of the world’s leaders in the social media realm has rolled out online ordering from their messenger platform. No double take needed; Facebook has now enabled online ordering directly within their platform, turning a page in the world of mobile ordering.

This decision to roll out online food delivery or pick-up comes from users familiarity with the Facebook platform in terms of utilizing it in order to find the best restaurants in their area, and also to find reviews on various restaurants in their area. By implementing this system within their familiar platform, Facebook has lessened the learning curve for it’s users; allowing them to easily access the ordering platform directly from the platform itself.

In order to carry out these requests, Facebook is utilizing the likings of EatStreet, Delivery.com, DoorDash, ChowNow and Olo amongst other organizations to carry out and fulfill these order requests. There are also select restaurants such as Five Guys and Panera that will offer their services for ease of access to Facebook users and outside consumers alike.

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src = “//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.10”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, ‘script’, ‘facebook-jssdk’));

Food Search

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Courtesy of Facebook

To browse nearby restaurants, simply go to the Explore menu and click on the ‘Order food’ section. Here, you will be prompted to scroll through lists and pages of nearby and other local restaurants that you can order from. If the restaurant of your choice offers either delivery or pick up and you have an account with Doordash or Delivery.com, you will simply be asked to login to your account, without ever having to leave the Facebook platform.

This current update has been tested for over a year and is rolling out everywhere across the United States, with access being granted via iOS, Android and desktop. With the help of online ordering from Facebook, getting the food you want from the restaurant’s you love has never been simpler.

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