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Accessible Online Reviews Matter, Here’s Why 0

It’s not easy being one in a million in the online world, but your company isn’t the only one that feels this pain. Nowadays, most customers and consumers live online, and if they don’t live online; they’re utilizing the online world for reviews and recommendations in one way or another.

Regardless of the industry, more people are utilizing online reviews for various reasons, but this shouldn’t be seen as a negative. Although it can be a task to handle and manage your online presence, it’s vital to your business’ success in the long run.

People who are searching reviews are your prime potential customers, after all. They’ve already decided that they want to buy your product, whatever it may be. This is where you get to shine and turn that potential into a success story.

With nearly 100% of consumers choosing a business they find on the first page of a web search, there’s no reason for your business to not live online, too. Not only do you need to have an online presence of some caliber, but you need to make sure it’s an accessible one.

Your company needs to be easily found for it to have an accessible online presence, and to make those online reviews shine. This will allow new customers to find you, and see what you’re all about.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how many positive reviews you have if a customer finds your competition first. Google likes fresh content, and that content can’t be driven by you alone; it takes effort on your end, and the customer’s end, too. This is why it’s crucial to have a company site, regardless of the industry, and why it’s vital to have a presence on several online platforms, too.

Because less than 15% of people completely ignore online reviews, your company should monitor those reviews closely, both good and bad, and respond quickly to any negative feedback. For higher Google rankings, you’ll want to ensure that you not only have fresh reviews, but that they shine, too.

This is necessary regardless of if they’re good or bad reviews. If you’re shocked, let us further explain. A bad review isn’t necessarily a shot in the foot: it’s all about how you respond in this time of momentary crisis. If you receive a negative review, ensure they’re handled effectively and correctly.

Don’t ignore the comments that were made, and don’t bash them for their honest feedback. Simply admit your business’ fault, and offer to make things right. Whether it be a free meal or a discounted service of some sort, handling negative feedback in the appropriate manner will show that you care about your customers and their overall experience. Not only does this put you back into good graces with future potential customers, but it places you higher on Google’s search listings, too.

It’s not only ideal to manage your reviews on various platforms; it’s vital. Without this constant management, you could have multiple customers giving you valuable feedback, both positive and negative. If you’re not responding to these reviews, it could potentially cause backlash on your company, and paint an inaccurate picture for potential customers.

This is where ReviewPush comes in. Not only can ReviewPush alert you when a new review is made on numerous review sites, it can store them all in one location, and allow you to easily respond in one place, too. If you need more reviews, fret not: ReviewPush can also send out review requests from the same dashboard, amongst many other features.

These assets are crucial to the success of your company, and that’s something ReviewPush not only acknowledges, but understands with immense clarity. If you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to manage and monitor your online presence and reviews, let us take the work out of it for you.

With our comprehensive knowledge of various industries and the necessity of online reviews, we can streamline your assets into one place, making it easier than ever to manage and respond to reviews. Now that you’ve got the power at your fingertips, what are you going to do with it?

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How to Get Customers To Review Your Business Online 0

Call it a new-age problem, but online reviews are here, and they’re here to stay. If you’re not managing your online presence, you could be missing out on countless opportunities for growth in your own business’ sector. How? With a large portion of any given business’s customer base living online, there should be no surprise customer reviews are influential to say the least.

If you don’t think online reviews on either side of the spectrum are important, consider this: a recent survey done by Zendesk found that 88% of participants claimed to have been influenced by an online review when making a buying decision, and 90% said a positive review was an influencer.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, being aware of and maintaining your business’ online presence can lead to higher customer satisfaction and awareness on the business front, too. If you have negative reviews that you’re not responding to, now’s the time to start. If you have positive reviewers that you’re not reaching out to after-the-fact, there’s no time like the present.

A good way to combat your negative reviews —second to responding to them on the company’s behalf — is gain traction with positive reviews. If you’re a new business, or new to the world of online reviews for your business, follow these 4 simple steps to get your customers to review your business online.

  1. Set Up Profiles On Review Sites
    By setting up accounts on various review sites for your business, you’re making it all the more accessible for your customer base to reach you. This ease of access will increase the likelihood of on-the-whim reviews by simply being present on the sites your customers are using. With the streamlining of a customer’s first few steps to leaving a review, you’ll create higher engagement; leading to a significant increase in awareness.
  2.  Ask Customers
    Going directly to the source is a good way to gain valuable feedback, and there’s no greater vantage point than the customer themselves. When asking the customer directly for feedback, it’s crucial that you don’t wait too long. The longer you wait past the point of purchase, the more unlikely it is that the customer will leave a review. This is especially valuable in the email marketing sector of the workspace, as you can send out a quick email to recent customers asking them to share their experience on one of your various review platforms. This can even be utilized if you receive positive feedback in person or via email, too! Simply thank the customer for their time, and ask the to mention their experience on the platform of their choice.
  3. Create Incentives For Reviews

    Your most satisfied customers sometimes need an incentive of some sort to leave a review. After all, this takes out time of their busy schedule to do. If you keep that point in mind, you’ll likely see a valuable return. With this step, it’s important that you’re asking for a review of their liking, not necessarily a ‘good’ review. As a business, you want honest feedback, and creating an incentive — such as a discount code for future use — can serve as the little push of inspiration they need to sit down for 5 minutes and provide you with their valuable opinions of their experience.

  4.  Thank Your Reviewers

    If you’ve conducted these prior steps and have seen the results from doing so, let your customer base know that you’re appreciative of them, their business and their time. This is a two way street, too. Whether the reviews are good or bad, interacting with customers and sharing your thanks with them is not only good on a business front, but on a customer service and experience front, as well. When you receive reviews of any sort online, be sure to start your response with a thank you for being a customer and sharing their opinion. This shows value on both ends of the spectrum, and can instantaneously alleviate any bad blood they may have, or highlight all of the good that they witnessed.

If you have a business of any sort and caliber, you have every reason to collect and monitor your online reviews and presence. We’re in a digital world, after all, and the best way to win the day is to join in on the conversation, showing you value the customer and their overall experience. Here at ReviewPush, we put your customers first, and give you all the tools you need to manage and respond to your online reviews all in one convenient place. If your goal is to gain more online reviews and/or your business wants help managing said reviews, look no further: ReviewPush is here for your business; ReviewPush is here for you.

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Google Moves the Aggregate Rating Data Placement on Mobile Search Results 0

It looks like Google is moving the placement of the aggregate review/rating data on mobile search results. We’re really not too sure that this means but you might want to keep an eye on these changes for your business. *screen shot below

google ratings

screen shot of google rating placement change

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What Kind of Reviews Can Be Removed From Yelp 0

As a business owner you may have heard all sorts of rumors related to Yelp and what kind of customer reviews can be removed. Yelp’s Content Guidelines and Terms of Service however indicate many cases in which customer reviews can be flagged for removal by business owners.

Promo Content in Reviews

Whether you are attempting to promote your business in a review or someone tries to leave a review promoting their business on your Yelp page, marketing copy does not belong in a Yelp review and will be flagged and removed. If you are looking to highlight the best features of your business on Yelp, consider alternatively sprucing up your business profile page by uploading high-quality photos on your Yelp business account or editing the “From the Business” section to include more information about your company.

Conflicts of Interest

In that same vein your friends, relatives, or employees should not be leaving reviews for your business in an attempt to increase your average review rating or number of reviews.

Irrelevant to Users

Yelp will flag content they deem irrelevant including current or ex-employee rants along with unlikely or irregular customer experiences. Yelp refers to it simply as “extraordinary circumstances” giving them some leeway for interpretation.

Explicit Or Offensive Content

Yelp’s User Operations team can remove customer reviews containing any sort of written threat or hate speech. Yelp’s User Terms of Service classify this under their restrictions to investigate any actions that “threaten, stalk, harm, or harass others, or promote bigotry or discrimination.”

Reviews Containing Private Figure’s Information

Yelp requests reviews do not contain other people’s full names unless a person’s full name is the name of their business. A law firm’s business name containing someone’s full name would be fine, however a customer mentioning the owner of a mechanic shop’s full name could be flagged by Yelp. Yelp also requests users do not post photos or videos that include other people on their site without said person’s permission.


Yelp can remove reviews copy and pasted from other sites or posted previously by another user along with reviews that violate any form of intellectual property.

How To Flag Customer Reviews For Removal On Yelp

User-added image
  1. Log into your Yelp business account and visit the Reviews section
  2. Locate the flag icon next to the review in question and click to report the review
  3. You will be asked to select the reason you want to report the review from a drop down menu
  4. Yelp then asks for you to state in writing how the specific review violates Yelp’s content guidelines

Once reviewed by their User Operations team, you will receive an e-mail notification based on the e-mail address used to claim the Yelp business profile.  


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