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Facebook Announces Mobile-Centric Updates to Pages 0

Facebook unveiled new features last week coming soon to Pages including an updated mobile layout, more prominent call-to-action buttons, and two new sections. Along with a potential increase in mobile friendliness, Facebook’s new features may increase sales to customers with eventual plans to have direct transactions on Facebook.  


Image courtesy of Facebook

Part of the new Pages layout contains a row of clickable tabs for less mobile device scrolling including Home, Photos, Services, and the two new sections: Shops and Services. By default when a user visits the page they will see the Home section containing highlights from each section.

The Shops section coming to Facebook Pages gives businesses the option to list their individual products without users having to leave Facebook. Reportedly in the future they also plan to implement a transaction feature where customers will be able to purchase products from businesses right within Facebook. The new Services section coming soon allows companies to list their business offerings menu style. For example, a hair salon could list all their different packages or a golf shop could cover the product lines they have available for sale.

Pages admins will also be able to choose between “Contact Us”, “Send Message”, and “Call Now” as call-to-action options which will display directly below the cover photo with more additional choices in the works.

According to Facebook more than 45 million businesses have Pages on Facebook, up more than 11 percent from May.


Source: Review Push

Consumer Study: 68% Say Positive Reviews Make Them Trust Businesses More 0

BrightLocal has released their Local Consumer Review Study,  as part of their key findings, 68% of the surveyed consumers say positive reviews made them trust a local business more. The survey targeted the North America market and had a total of 2,354 consumers respond with 90% of the completed surveys from the United States and 10% from Canada.

11 Other Key Findings:

  1. 43% of consumers search at least once per month for a local business (up from 38% in their 2014 study), nearly 1 in 3 people surveyed search local companies at least once a week
  2. The percentage of people surveyed who search every day for local businesses increased from 7% in 2014 to 14% in 2015
  3. Only 8% of consumers ‘don’t’ read online reviews (down from 12% in 2014)
  4. Consumers are still predominantly looking at reviews on local businesses using their PC (73%) however 38% looked at reviews on their mobile devices and 24% examined reviews on a mobile app (Consumers were allowed to select more than one option) 
  5. Restaurants, cafes, doctors, dentists, clothes shops, hotels and B&Bs are key businesses consumers are searching for reviews on; apartments did not appear to be included as a choice in their survey
  6. 73% of consumers form an opinion by reading 1-6 reviews (up from 64% in 2014), only 12% read 10 reviews or more (down from 16% in 2014)blog_bright2
  7. Not surprisingly average star rating was the biggest factor consumers look at, (60%) in the survey they were able to choose up to 2 options with the quality of reviews ranking second overall (44%)
  8. If a business has a one- or two-star rating, only 13% of consumers will consider using it; if a  business has at least a three star rating, it jumps up to 57% and 94% of consumer say they would use a business with at least a four star rating blog_bright1
  9. Only 20% of consumers do not ever trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation (down from 33% in 2010). Consumers are also more likely to trust the reviews if they believe they are authentic (increased from 22% in 2014 to 31%)
  10. 69% of the respondents also say a review must be written within 2-3 months to be relevant, highlighting how important it is to connect with your customers so they will leave meaningful reviews
  11. 48% of consumers visit a business’ website after seeing positive reviews highlighting the opportunity to lend more credibility to your business by posting your customer reviews directly onto your website using ReviewPush

Check out the full survey and let us know in the comments what stood out to you.

Source: Review Push

Ripoff Report Removed from Google for Several Hours, What Happened? 0

We stumbled across something quite amazing this morning: RipOffReport appeared to have been completely de-indexed by Google for several hours. We can confirm that at 11 AM pacific standard time, performing a search for “site:ripoffreport.com” or the Ripoff Report brand name returned no results.
Source: Submit Express

Google’s New Local Search Results Reduced from 7 to 3 Listings 0


As one of our go-to resources for the latest SEO news, Search Engine Land reported, Google this week updated their search results so that three businesses display under local business listings for any search on Google.  Previously up to seven businesses along with their address and phone number were shown as part of a given search.


An additional click is now also necessary both on mobile and desktop to get an individual business’ phone number as phone numbers do not currently display for the new Google 3-Pack.

How this May Affect Your Business

Businesses listed as the lower four of the previous 7-pack for any search are clearly affected as they no longer display on a completed search. For businesses with multiple locations, taking advantage of organic search tactics will be as important as ever. Setting up and monitoring your local profiles and most importantly, having your own review portal can be part of your plan. Contact ReviewPush today to get started.

Source: Review Push