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Google Tests Chat for Businesses 0

You may have recently spotted a chat icon for a local business in your Google search results. This is an experimental feature that Google is currently testing, which provides a text-based form of contact between customers and businesses.

A live chat option is incorporated directly into search results for a local business, along with details like reviews and ratings, price level, address, and hours of operation. A link shows whether the business is currently available. If the business is available for chat, a Google Hangout launches with a click of the link. This is available on either desktop or mobile.


The new experimental chat gives customers the ability to ask businesses questions in real time, such as the wait time for a table at a restaurant, or checking to see if a particular item is in stock at a retail store.

Check out this TechCrunch post to read more about Google’s test chat functionality.

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Facebook Launches New Places Directory 0

Facebook has launched a new directory that allows users to search through businesses and destinations in cities across the world. Facebook uses your friends’ check-ins and what’s happening in a specific location to help you discover the best places in town.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 6.00.40 PM

Once you identify a specific city using Facebook Places, you will be taken to the main directory page where you are able to see popular places and the option to browse a list of cities from all over the world.

Facebook Places also allows you to browse through businesses and places by category (i.e. Restaurants, Hotels, or Bars). Each main category displays five businesses with average ratings. A sliding feature for each business shows recent reviews that you can easily browse through (with your friends’ reviews at the top).

The new Facebook Places directory received major visual improvements compared to the previous version. The new version also puts emphasis on user feedback by placing reviews and average ratings front and center.

Check out the link below to learn more about Facebook Places.


Source: Review Push