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Solid Reputations

The importance of a solid reputation cannot be underestimated. Due to the highly competitive nature of virtually every industry these days, consumers are keenly aware that they have a plethora of options when it comes to products, services, or companies. Due to this, they often seek out information on how the various companies, products, or services compare. They look to print media and television, sure, but increasingly consumers are turning to the Internet as a way to find out more about various services, products, and companies.

The Quote

The Internet is a medium that needs to be watched extra closely by businesses who are concerned with their image. It is a pliant medium which does exert much control over its users. The Internet is as near to anarchic speech as you can imagine, with very few laws regarding slander, libel, uncomplimentary reviews, etc. Even if a company does not engage in the online conversation, others will still be able to control your brand’s image. Unfortunately, people rarely check the facts for information they are given–so any statement, comment, article, or video is believed to be authentic. There is a quote that is going around that illustrates this point quite well: “You can believe virtually anything you read on the Internet, because only experts are allowed to publish material there.” -Albert Einstein.

Getting Zealous

Of course, the point is that the Internet did not exist when Albert Einstein was alive and any individual who said that would be incredibly foolish. But, people do believe things that they read about products, services, companies, events, and people without giving it much thought and without checking the facts out. This is sad, but true. In order to counteract this lack of fact checking, companies must be that much more zealous about monitoring their online reputations and promoting positive content regarding their brands.

The Solution: Taking Actionly

One of the most talked about products for online reputation monitoring is Actionly. This is a tool that has been lauded by many online reputation management and social media experts. Actionly makes use of state of the art technology to keep track of the chatter about your brand, product, service, or company online. Whether it is being said on blogs, forums, traditional websites, or social networking sites–Actionly will pick up on it, make not of it, and analyze it for the client.

Google Buzz, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Youtube, and others are all monitored by Actionly in order to get an accurate picture of who is talking about your company or product, where they’re doing that talking, and what sort of things they are saying. The entire idea behind Actionly is that companies often have trouble finding actionable insights from their online reputation monitoring programs, assuming they have any online reputation monitoring programs at all. Actionly monitors all social media for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week–their monitoring platform does not take a break, so that you can.

This is Actionly’s website–where you can find out more about the program and pricing:

This is an interview with an employee at Actionly:

This is a review of Actionly as a service:

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