The Influence of Links: Linkfluence

The Importance of Links

The importance of a link is often under appreciated. Online reputation management consultants and specialists often understand it, but few others do. This is particularly true of the businessman, who is so often savvy when it comes to their industry but uninformed when it comes to social media or online stirrings. With that said, many people are now starting to understand how incredibly improtant the Internet in general is to the real world. What the Internet says about you, your company, your product, or your service might as well be the truth–because that is how people many are going to receive the information, as the undisputed truth.

Harnessing Social Media

Even more specifically, people have begun to understand and harness social media. The Internet is essentially the largest network in the world and it allows for semi-anonymous (or completely anonymous) mass communication. Companies, public institutions, and individuals must learn to confront the issues that go along with this.

Engaging in the Conversation

E-reputation audits are an essential part of knowing where you or your company stand online. This is often called online reputation monitoring, too. Whatever it is called, it must consist of watching the social media, including twitter, facebook, and the blogosphere, for mention of the keywords. Understanding the criticisms, praise, and lack of knowledge of your product or service by potential customers online is the key to being more successful. To do this, online reputation monitoring must be used.

Linkfluence: A Solution to An Online Issue

One of the most exciting platforms for social media monitoring and engagement right now is Linkfluence. The company uses innovative tools and methods to help clients analyze and engage with customers online. Defining an online strategy is made much simpler through Linkfluence’s work. This means companies that use Linkfluence are able to optimize costs and manage their online strategy in real time. As the online conversation changes, so does the company’s reaction to it.

The Background

Linkfluence is a young company–a french start-up that is composed of two distinct departments. The studies department looks into the deliverable products that are needed, with the engineering and design department developing the tools that are necessary for that success.

While the company was started in France and is still based there, they have offices in Paris, France, and Mannheim, Germany. The company has spearheaded projects in France, Germany, the U.K., the United States, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Poland, and Switzerland. The various products and platforms they have to offer are impressive. From political observatories that monitor and analyze what is occurring in various fields, to E-Reputation and Impact, which measure web notoriety and Return on Investment, respectively.

Linkfluence is a platform that is providing innovative products to complicated problems online. Perhaps the most interesting thing they’ve done thus far is Netnography, which is the mapping of online inter-connectivity.



This is a really good example of their Netnography work–a Eurosphere. A map of the interconnectivity (or lack thereof) of Europe’s online activity.

This is a profile of the company by the Franco-American Quill:

I’d be remiss if I didn’t link the site itself, of course. Take a look at the “Products” section.


Source: ORMMag


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