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Don’t Deny It

Reputations are incredibly important–very few people would really deny that. Assuming prices and products/services are roughly similar or assuming you have no concrete knowledge of those pieces of information, it is a reputation that convinces a consumer to use one business over another. The Internet is having a major effect on real world reputations, too. The Internet has become a major source of information–online reputations have taken on a new importance. For better or for worse, social media has played a big role in the shaping of online reputations.

Social Media’s Shaping of Online Reputations

Social media is no longer just interactions between individuals, if ever it really was. Social media is, more and more these days, being used for commercial purposes. This means it has significant repercussions on the reputations of businesses, brands, products, and individuals. Not always in a positive way, unfortunately. See Rebecca Black, the young girl who put out a studio-recorded song called “Friday” a couple of months ago. It quickly went viral on the blogs and in social media, but not because it was beloved–it was shared so much because people thought it was so bad. This will have an irreparable effect on her reputation, at least as a singer.

Using Tools To Help

Of course, not every situation is like Rebecca Black. Often, the damage is temporary rather than permanent. Similarly, sometimes the trouble can be avoided altogether with some online reputation management. There are a wide variety of tools that can help to monitor online reputations and viral campaigns. One of the most interesting tools I’ve stumbled across recently is BackType.

BackType and It’s History

BackType was founded by Michael Montano and Christopher Golda in 2008 as a social media analytics firm. Essentially the idea for the firm, then and now, was to help companies and brands understand how important social media can be for their business. HubSpot, The New York Times, and Hunch all look to BackType for these services.

BackTweets is a tool that BackType developed and it is very useful in regards to Twitter specifically. What it does is help companies and individuals to understand their influence on Twitter. Their website claims that they have analyzed over 50 billion tweets from 200 million users, including 10 billion links. The firm recently received over $1 million in angel investing and then was purchased by Twitter, with the staff moving into the Twitter offices to work.

The Services and Future

The services that BackTweets offers is pretty amazing–it offers some very in-depth analysis of particular keywords, campaigns, or brands. This analysis is complete with numbers on use of the terms and graphs to display the information involved. Look for this information to pop up in some innovative and creative way on Twitter soon–there is a reason they purchased it.

This is the BackType Blog, which is very illustrative of what they do:

TechCrunch, which we all know and love, profiled BackType after it was acquired by Twitter:

Not many technology companies give this many details on their programs and coding, but BackType does:

Source: ORMMag


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