Why I Love Local: Greene’s Florist

By Summer Williams

Summer Williams grew up in Weatherford, Texas and joined the Main Street Hub Team as a Community Manager in February 2017. After spending eight years as a humor columnist for Houston Community News, Summer is excited to use her writing skills to help local businesses — like her family’s flower shop.

Greene’s Florist is what some would call an institution in a small town. It’s one of the longest running businesses in Weatherford, Texas — it was opened in 1957 by my great-grandmother, Wilma Greene, and then, taken over in 1965 by my grandfather, Bobby Greene. After his passing in 1998, my mother, Donti Greene Dennis, and aunt, Erika Greene Forrest, along with my grandmother, Harlene Greene, took over ownership of the shop. Not that they hadn’t been there already; my mother started working there as a teenager, and my aunt, in her early twenties.

All three still run the business today — my mother as a bookkeeper and designer, my aunt as an office manager and designer, and my nana still helps deliver flowers twice a week. The shop is beloved, not just by our family but by our town — everyone knows at least one of the Greenes personally and never has an ill word to say about them.

My sister and I did a lot of growing up there too. It’s where we got our cheeks pinched, learned how to cut flowers and take orders, and later even learned to drive using the delivery vans (sorry for all the scares, Nana!). Ironically, I never actually learned how to design arrangements. I blame text messaging since it became so popular my sophomore year of high school.

Four generations of my family have worked at Greene’s. When I smell flowers, I don’t just smell their sweet aroma — I smell my home. I’m reminded of my family and all the years that I spent hanging out around the shop and delivering flowers with my grandmother. There is so much love and history in that building — you can feel it when you walk in — and that’s what they share with their customers every day.

There’s nothing like going into a small business and knowing exactly who will be waiting behind the door to help you, and I think that’s what local is all about. Those are the people who will go out of their way for you, who remember what you like and what you don’t, and who empathize with you whenever anything good or bad happens. Greene’s Florist does this in every way and has since the very beginning.

Supporting local isn’t just a way to put money back into your city — it’s a way to say thank you.

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