Your Local Restaurant Should Attend Trade Shows

Our Marketing and Sales Teams explain why

As a local restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate.

It can be difficult in your day-to-day to take the time to step back and look at your restaurant in a different way. Attending restaurant trade shows offers you the opportunity to do that!

“Trade shows allow a restaurant owner distraction-free time to learn how to increase their margins with new technologies that help save time and increase productivity. There are reasons the most successful businesses attend trade shows — they never leave empty-handed but with a new world full of opportunity!” says Doug Taverna, Sales Representatives.

Restaurant trade shows are the equivalent of Disney World for local restaurant owners. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other restaurant owners, learn new information, and meet companies — like Main Street Hub — that can help you grow your business and run it more efficiently.

“Where else can you find the latest trends in the industry, new menu items you hadn’t thought of, marketing opportunities you never knew existed, and classes and presentations on how to be more successful — all in one place? No one walks out of a restaurant show being less apt and prepared to seize the day for their business,” says Nik Norton, Sales Representative.

From national to local and restaurant-type specific to more broad shows, restaurant trade shows come in all different flavors. Trade shows can also remind business owners of things they should be doing or could be doing better.

“Going to restaurant trade shows gives business owners the chance to meet with the people that can help their business function and grow. It also gives new restaurant owners the chance to become educated about what it takes to keep a business running and keep customers coming in the door,” says Marisa Hernandez, Event Marketing Associate.

As Sales Representative John Lumby puts it:

“It’s the candy store that a restaurant owner can’t pass up.”

Want to meet the Main Street Hub Team and check out a restaurant trade show for yourself? Here’s where we’ll be this month:

Colorado Restaurant Show in Denver, Colorado on October 9–10th @ booth 314

Pizza and Pasta Northeast in Atlantic City, New Jersey on October 17–18th @ booth 628

Michigan Restaurant Show in Novi, Michigan on October 17–18th @ booth 313

Can’t meet us in-person but want to see how we can help your restaurant? Get started with us here.

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